Arrived in Manaus Brazil

We arrived in Manaus after such a long flight from cold Paris.

Here in Manaus is how weather more than 30c in mid day.

Today visiting the city and some shopping !

Then tomorrow morning, Depatre to Barcelos to in bord to Kalua boat !

Start fishing tomorrow afternoon!!!



Quick stop in Miami before Brazil

quick stop at Miami beach with American breakfast !

Nice blue water and blue sky !!!  It is so nice !!!





Escape from France to Brazil !

Ready to escape from France to Brazil !!!



FFPS competition 2016 tour is over

FFPS competition 2016 tour is over. The final competition was very bad result for me. But, I fished very hard this year with zen attitude,so I am very satisfied my fishing.
Thank you so much supporting me and following !
And thank you so much all my sponsors. With out all. I could never able to do my fishing activity.

FFPSリーグの全仏決勝戦は見事に敗退。でも決勝戦にセレクトされ、年間トレールでも悔いなく戦えたので、気分はすっきりしています。また来シーズン頑張ります。応援して下さっている皆様。そしてスポンサーしてくださってる会社の方々、本当にありがとうございました。 来シーズンも頑張りますので、どうぞ宜しくお願いします



Going to Final !

I am qualified to the final competition of FFPS Challenger 2016 !

The final will be this weekend. Please wish me luck !

Thank you everyone !



Suzuki “Clean up the world” event 2016

Last Friday, I was participating “Suzuki Clean up the world” campaign.

This is world wide suzuki event.

As I am part of Suzuki family, I was more than welcome to participate this event.

If I could help, even one part of earth. I am more than happy !!!

先週金曜日、エンジンのスポンサーをして頂いているSuzukiの世界企画でおこなっている”Clean up the world”清掃イベントに参加してきました。




Power Tail

Very interesting nano size lure by Fiiish.  Power Tail !!!  I will try that !!!


Prorex “PX762XHFB-AF”

I discovered this Prorex “PX762XHFB-AF” bait casting rod since release of Prorex series.

I just love it !  This rod can be use what I use most of my Pike fishing in France.  Such as Deps Huge Spinnerbait 30g, Gan Craft Jointed Claw178 56g, Daiwa Spintail Shad 40g, Biwaa Divinator 55g, etc…

This rod is not too fast and not so regular.  So, Very nice easy casting for mid heavy weight lure. and hooking is perfect !

Length of 7.6ft (2,29m) 2 pieces rod is excellent for super long cast and still does not feel so long.

I just love it !!!  Please try everyone !!!


cold day with Mermaid shad.

Very very cold day fishing…. It was super mega hard day…  Water temp already 10c…..

But, Prorex Mermaid shad helped my fishing !



MANUCENTRE shop demonstration

Thank you so much all the Visiter at MANUCENTRE shop demonstration 😎✌🏻

I hope you all enjoyed presentation of PROREX products !