Japanse SnakeHead

Quick Snakehead fishing in Kagawa prefecture. Since I was traveling with Air this time. I was only using 3p travel rod.

It was very hot weather day. and Fishing was hard midday.

I have to say until 11:00 was the best time !

So, Of course , 12:00 ! Lunch time. Kagawa speciality “Sanuki Udon”

Toman 2019

It was very nice experience fishing Malaysian Giant Snakehead (TOMAN) with DMC fishing guide tour. 
Also very happy that fishing with SM135-S had excellent results for this fishing trip.  
I really am confident that SM135-S is a successful lure for many species all over the world ! Full image video from hit to landing will coming soon ! 
今回のマレーシアにてのジャイアントスネークヘッド(トーマン)。 DMC Fishingツアーのおかげで快適な環境で素晴らしい魚を釣らせて頂きました。そして今回 また新魚種をbabyfaceルアーで釣る事が出来た事に感無量です! ヒットシーンからランディングまでのコンプリートムービーを乞うご期待下さい!
Trip Organizer > www.dmcfishing.com

Salt water jigging

80m deep bayjigging. My unusual fishing. But, I had good time. 😊🎣👍🏻
Tackle info :
Rod > Daiwa Saltiga jigging 64B4
Reel > Saltiga BJ 200SH
Lure > Majorcraft Jigpara short 150g
Hook > Owner Jigger Light 3/0 & 4/0 
Eyewear > Costa (Cortez)

Bass time

Nice warm weather is hear now ! Let’s Japan Bass 😎🇯🇵🎣🐟✌🏻
Tackle info:
Rod > Daiwa Black Label 682L/
MLXS-ST (2 piece rod) 
Reel > Exist LT3000s-CXH
Line > Toray Power Game jigging 8 PE0.8 + Power Game Fluoro leader  
Lure > Gary Yamamoto 4inch Kut Tail with Nail Sinker 0.45g wacky rig
Eye wear > Costa Copra

babyface web is open now !


Le site web officiel de babyface est ouvert en aujourd’hui ! Vérifie s’il te plaît ! et en profiter!
babyface official website is open right now !!! Please check it out ! and enjoy it !
babyfece オフィシャル サイトがオープンしました。 是非、ご覧ください!
El sitio web oficial de babyface está abierto ahora mismo! Por favor, míralo ! y disfrútalo !
Die offizielle Website von babyface ist jetzt geöffnet !!! Bitte schau es dir an! und geniesse es !
il sito ufficiale di babyface è aperto adesso !!! Per favore controlla ! e divertiti !

South of Spain

1/2 day Fishing in south of Spain !
Deep water fishing ~😎🎣🐟
I had good time with good weather! 
Rod> TD travel 704MH
Reel > Daiwa Exist LT4000CXH
Line >TORAY jigging power game PE 1.5
TORAY FC Power game Leader 20lbs
Lure > Fiiish Black minnow 37g
Eyewear > Costa (Del mar)

babyface M50SR-S & M60SR-S soon !

⚔️ babyface M50SR-S & M60SR-S ⚔️
Disponible la première semaine de Mars dans les magasins … quantités limitées … 
babyface M50SR-S and M60SR-S will be available begging of March !

M50SR-S & M60SR-S いよいよです!

TORAY fishing line

Since this year, My new sponsor of fishing line.

“TORAY Monofilament”

new line is just arrived ! 
Can’t wait for try 😎🎣✌🏻
Thank you TORAY Company.

Tokyo bay Seabass fishing with babyface SM135-S

Tokyo bay Seabass fishing with babyface SM135-S was very successful.

Fishing 9m deep water.  long cast and straight retrieve.


Lure> babyface SM135-S
Rod> Daiwa Prorex 762XH
Reel>Daiwa Zillion HD
Leder>Toray Powergame F 50lbs
Eyewear> Costa
Guide service> OceanMaster



babyface SM135-S

babyface, Our 1st model of lure SM135-S.  I am so excited for huge bite !