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Carrefour National Peche & Loisirs “Clermont-Ferrand Fishing Show 2017”

Clermont-Ferrand fishing show 2017 is successfully finished with many of Fisherman.   The weather was very cold. But, atmosphere of show was excellent !

I really had good time also my self !  I hope everyone was happy to visit the show !!!

Oh, So nice that, Daiwa France was able to show to public that New Saltiga BJ4000SH & New Morethan 2510PE-H. 1st time in the world !!!

Daiwa show 2017

Saltiga BJ4000SH



CNPL 2017



Morethan2510PE-H CNPL2017

MANUCENTRE shop demonstration

Thank you so much all the Visiter at MANUCENTRE shop demonstration 😎✌🏻

I hope you all enjoyed presentation of PROREX products !




DREAM FISH 460 Hole Shot run

YouTube Preview Image

Demonstration at L’aigle pecheur in Thouars.

Last Saturday was demonstration at L’aigle pecheur in Thouars (79)

Many people came to the shop. and nice to taking with local Anglers.




My 2016 Boat is ready to Fish !

Finally, My 2016 fishing boat is ready.  My Dream Fish 460 by Bass Boat Center is equipped with Suzuki 90hp with Minnkota Terrova 80lbs 24v i Pilot and Humminbird Helix 10 si.

It is a compact Bass boat with nice power. It is perfect for most of French fishing field !

It should do it, my fishing activity 2016 !!!     If you have chance to see my boat somewhere. Check it out !!!

Dream Fish 460


Salon de Melun 2016

I was participating Salon de Melun 2016 for Daiwa.   Many of fishing acidic people come to visit the show.  It was excellent ambience.  People came to see Daiwa new reels such as Zillion HD, Tatula French color edition, Celtate 2016.

Thank you very much all you who came the show !  See you next year !





Clearmont-Ferrand fishing show 2016

Clearmont -Ferrand fishing show 2016 is going on this weekend ! Come see us !!




“Battle Street Fishing”

Il vous reste encore quelques jours pour vous inscrire au “Battle Street Fishing” organisé par La Maison de la Pêche et de la Nature de LEVALLOIS-PERRET Maison de la Pêche et de la Nature du Dimanche 7 Juin 2015. Vous pourrez retrouver toute l’équipe PMC en compagnie de Ryusuke Hayashi pour vous initier à la gestuelle de lancer.

Battle Street Fishing

Changing battery for Minnkota motor

After using 2 years and half. My battery for Minnkota electric motor need to be changed.  since my Minnkota electric motor is 24V. So, I need 2 of 12V battery.

I am tring to put the both heavy batteries center of boat. I am tring to miking well balanced. It is very important for navigation performance !!!

Oh, it is good idea to write down staring date of battery on the battery. So you know excactly, how old is your battery.


image image

Daiwa “Spintail Shad” 24g & 40g all most all shop stock at L’Aigle Pecheur

Back from Europeche L’Aigle Pecheur demonstration seminar.

Mission completed !!!  Daiwa “Spintail Shad” 24g & 40g. All most all shop stock are sold out !!!

Thank you so much all the Visiter !!!

地方にてのデモンストレーション セミナーから帰って来ました〜。 とりあえず、ミッション 達成〜〜〜〜。 店舗にあったDaiwa Franceの新製品Spintail Shad 在庫ほぼ完売!!!  達成感ありありです〜〜〜。