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Tokyo bay Seabass fishing with babyface SM135-S

Tokyo bay Seabass fishing with babyface SM135-S was very successful.

Fishing 9m deep water.  long cast and straight retrieve.


Lure> babyface SM135-S
Rod> Daiwa Prorex 762XH
Reel>Daiwa Zillion HD
Leder>Toray Powergame F 50lbs
Eyewear> Costa
Guide service> OceanMaster



Duck-Fin XL Shad worked so good !

I was at Watermill fishing lodge for Pike fishing in North of Ireland.

The condition was not easy.

But, Duck-Fin XL (25cm, 115g) worked so good.  The color could be any color. Most important thing was Minimum movement swimming.

It was excellent !!!






Watermill Fishing Lodge in Ireland !!!

6 days of non stop Pike fishing is starting tomorrow morning at Watermill Fishing Lodge in Ireland !!!



unexpected meeting book

I shall read this book about fishing philosophy by Isaak Walton « The Compleat Angler » I met this book at restaurant in Kochi Japan last summer. The owner chef of restaurant gave me this book. It was unexpected meeting…


Lake Biwa Bass fishing summer 2017

Summer Bass fishing in Lake Biwa.

Summer Lake Biwa is Slow fishing,  Wacky rig with 5″ worm and 2.7g nail sinker and Spin-baiting.

The condition of lake was just after typhoon. so, most of lake was muddy water. We looked for the most clear water area.

Thanks to kazz. I was able to catch over 3 kg Bass !

Summer vacation in Japan

Back in Japan for summer vacation !
Enjoying my home country, and meeting with my Japanese friends day and night.
I haven’t go to fishing yet. But, soon I am going fishing salt water & flesh water.



PREDATORS magazine #67 Now on sale !

PREDATORS magazine #67 Now on sale with 6 pages of my Guyana Arapaima expedition article.  Check it out !



2016 unforgettable fish

2016 is almost over. How was your fishing year 2016 ? Did you have good memorial fish for you ? Let’s me see it !!!

Me ? I had excellent year. I can’t choose one memorial fish this year…. My year’s of fish are two. Guyana ARAPAIMA(Pirarucu) in May & Japan AKAME(Japanese barramundi) in August.
These two fish are unforgettable & emotional for my life ! I had more than 100% of my adrenaline came out with body shaking !

Thank you 2016 !!! And let’s enjoy again year 2017.  😎🎣✌🏻

2016年ももう数日で終わりですねー。 皆さんの今年の釣りはどうでしたか?
5月にガイアナで釣ったピラルクー、8月に高知で釣ったアカメ。 この2匹はアングラーズハイになり身体中に鳥肌がたちブルブル震える事が出来た興奮度max級の一生の思い出になる魚でした。 この様な素晴らしい魚に1年の間に2匹も出逢えるなんて幸せでした!



New TD Travel 654XHFB-OS with Zillion Type HD

New TD Travel 654 + zillion-HD in Amazon fishing 😎🇧🇷🎣🐠👍🏻

Now a days,4 pieces rod is must have in your bag when you travel !!! we never know your big rod tube case will arrive your final fishing destination… 😎✈️🚀



Brazil Amazon other kinds fish (2016 Kalua-Barco trip)

Brazil Amazon other kinds fish  😎🇧🇷

Black Arowana >often attach during Peacock Bass fishing with Top water lure, Semi surface lure and Buck tail jig.

Cara Papagaio > This is my 1st time. I catch and see my self this fish. Strange with but, Beautiful color and form.  I caught this fish at very very shallow water(50cm deep max with my home made Buck tail jig.


Mandube cat fish >  This cat fish also, my 1st time seen & catch.  I caught this fish as very strong current shallow area with Biruta 110 white. Very big mouth !


Piranha >  Amazon gang Piranha.   Often attack during the Peacock Bass fishing with semi surface lure.  I do not like this fish. Because, This fish brake all my lures with very strong teeth…


Cachorra >   This is my 3rd time catch my self at rio negro.  scary teeth with front fangs.  looks like a Dracula.  This fish like to stay at strong current area.  I also caught this Cachorra at strong current area with Biruta 110 white.  Very fast swimmer and crazy jumper !