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Arrived in Manaus Brazil

We arrived in Manaus after such a long flight from cold Paris.

Here in Manaus is how weather more than 30c in mid day.

Today visiting the city and some shopping !

Then tomorrow morning, Depatre to Barcelos to in bord to Kalua boat !

Start fishing tomorrow afternoon!!!



Quick stop in Miami before Brazil

quick stop at Miami beach with American breakfast !

Nice blue water and blue sky !!!  It is so nice !!!





Escape from France to Brazil !

Ready to escape from France to Brazil !!!



Thank you !

I totally felt same emotion as this manga image this summer my self in Japan ! Thank you~~~ so much !  😎🇯🇵🎣🐟❤️✌🏻
Simmer is over. going back to Paris.
この夏は三平の気分になれました。 遊んでくれた皆さんに感謝です! 「ありがとう〜」

Thnaks Japan

“Fishing Hayashi”

Visiting Kochi local tackle shop “Fishing Hayashi”. Thank you so much 上杉 一臣 -san !
Oh by the way, my name is also Hayashi… So funny to visit tackle shop with my name… This shop has everything you need for your fishing !!!
And now on sale Red Eye T-shirt !!!

Fishing Hayashi

Last Snakehead fishing session with Yamahiro-san

Last Snakehead fishing session with Yamahiro-san and dinner~~~~~ !

session Snakehead



Dogo Onsen in Ehime.

Dogo onsen (Japanese public hot spring)
Dogo onsen has 3000 years of history. And as well as known for Miyazaki film “Le Voyage de Chihiro”. It was nice hot spring bath !!! 😎🇯🇵♨️👍🏻

Dogo onsen


Snakehead fishing in Kochi

Japan fishing~~~~, fishing~~~~~~! This field is so exciting !!!



Quick Sea Bass & Kibire night fishing. But…

Last night, I went to quick Sea bass & Kibire night fishing with Mr.Maeda. He is local crazy fishing addicted man.  He is so nice man !

Unfortunately, We could not get any fish. But, We had nice Kochi fishing conversation.

Thank you Mr.Maeda.  and See you soon !


AKAME 117cm from Kochi Japan 2016 8/24 2:30AM

Satisfaction more than 100% ! Dream come true ! I can’t believe it, I made it. 😎🐟🇯🇵❤️✌️
AKAME (Japanese Barramumdi) from Urado bay in Kochi Japan.  It was 8/23 2:30AM. Just 2 days after my 45th birthday.
Thank you so much all of you ! And Special thanks to super Akame fishing Guide 山本 浩雅 (Hiromasa Yamamoto), my friends 廣田 俊明 (Toshiaki Hirota)鵜山 和洋 (Kazuhiro Uyama) and rod designer Rick Imai from Daiwa.

Tackle Information>   Rod: Daiwa Black Label Expedition 64H-3. Reel: LEXA 300, Line: Daiwa Saltiga 12 braid 68lbs(0.30mm), Lure: Deps

感無量! 夢魚だと思っていた高知 浦戸湾のアカメを昨晩ルアーで釣ってしまいました! 正直満足度、言葉で表せません。。。 8月24日2:30AMの出来事でした。
今回の釣りに協力して下さった皆さんにスーパー感謝しています。 アカメ スーパーガイドのGray Ghostヤマヒロさん、友人の廣田君,Kazz氏, そしてロッドデザイナーの亮介君。 その他、沢山の方々の協力で夢が叶いました。 「本当にありがとう! 日本最高〜 高知最高〜〜!」