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Crayfish party 2015

It is summer !   So, Crayfish fishing and party just like every year !   This year also more than 200 crayfish to fish & eat !!!  Try to understand Black Bass’s feeling.

It is so fun event of summer.   Of corse the chef is my friend Lionel.C  !!!  Thank you Lionel !!!







Lunch at Comme des poissons

Lunch at Comme des Poissons with young Angler Yannis Pohl from Switzerland ! I know him when he was 10 years old… Now he is much bigger than me…..

We had Lun Lun Don for the lunch !  It was so good as always !!!  It was very nice to see you Swiss friend.

And Thank you so much Kino san !!!

Comme des poissons1

wet in National holiday day

Today was French national holiday.  So I went to quick future products test to Lake choisy.  I had good 1 hours of testing time. But, Suddenly….big rain storm came…  I was waiting more than 30 min under the three…. I was so wet…

I was not happy when I got wet. So, way back to home. I stopped by at Chaina town then. bought a Peking duck for my dinner.   It make me little bit happy ….





It’s such a fine day !

Finally ~~~~. Sun Sun Sun !!!  It was such a nice weather day for fishing !!!  I love fishing with T-Shart.    also, Appropriate weather for having  lunch on my boat !

IMG_3283 10464058_10206095737289456_1527891748634339931_n


why not morning cafe !

Morning cafe at near my house. It’s a nice start of the day with nice weather !

近所で朝カフェ。 天気も最高だし、こういうスタートの日も結構好きかも…

Morning cafe

National holiday !

Excellent BBQ time with fishing friends on French national holiday !!!   I love it !!!







2015 Trout fishing with Team Carna95

Weekend Trout fishing with Team Carna95 with ultra light tackle with small lures. But, No trout for me. Why Perch… So finish fishing then hamburger lunch time !  It was vey Fun day fishing & Lunch.
Thanks Team Carna95 !!!

先週末はトラウト フィッシング解禁。季節モノって事で、今週末はウルトラライトタックル&スモールルアーも持ってTeam Carna95メンバーに招待されてパリ郊外のクリークにやって来ましたが,何故か僕にはトラウト釣れず、ここで何故って言うパーチ。。。 コンディション悪いという事で,ハンバーガーランチに移動ーーー。トラウトフィッシングも楽しかったけど、ランチも良かったな〜〜。

IMG_0048 IMG_0046 IMG_0047 IMG_0045 IMG_0055 IMG_0053 IMG_0058

Amazon white beach party

Kalua Barco​ ship , Amazon white beach party at absolutely middle of nowhere ! Let’s party time~~~~.  It is magnificent !!!  everything is so nice.

Kalua号をアマゾンジャングル内の真っ白なビーチに着岸させてビーチパーティーー! ブラジル肉美味かった〜。 そしてやっぱりこのロケーション。なんて贅沢なんだ〜〜〜。 アマゾン貸し切り気分!

Kalua barco party IMG_1099

Enjoy the color of Brazil

color of Brazil

2nd Galette des rois of 2015 from “LE VALENTIN”

It’s Sunday ! I am going to try my 2nd Galette des rois of 2015 from sweets shop which my friend work as Patissier in Paris 9th area “LE VALENTIN” 30 passage Jouffroy 75009. It is interesting to see the feve !

今日は日曜日。市内では共和制追悼大行進がある様ですが、自分は家でステイ。って事で、今年2つ目のガレット ド ロワを頂きます! 2つ目は友達がパティシエをしているパリ9区にある”Le Valentin” 見た目,匂いからしても伝統的な感じで魅力的!どんなフェーブが入っているかな?

Le Valentin IMG_0586