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Paris Fashion Week SS17 is over yesterday !!!

Paris Fashion Week SS17 is over yesterday !!! So, Now back to fishing game !!!






The Great Amazon exposition in Fukuoka.

I was luck that, When I was visiting in Fukuoka.  There was (The Great Amazon) exposition.

Very nice museum of Fukuoka City.   I was able to see Arapaima, Peacock Bass, and other animals of Amazon.

It was nice.







DREAM FISH 460 Hole Shot run

YouTube Preview Image

B.A.S.S France

1st time competition of B.A.S.S. in France. Let’s do it !!!


“Yumechoko” French Guyana Salt water Tarpon at YouTube now!

Kazz’s French Guyana Tarpon fishing was on Japanese TV (BS Nippon Television) last week in Japan.

People couldn’t watch on TV. You can watch at YouTube now !!!  Check it out.  Oh, I am also catching some nice nice Tarpon too !!!

YouTube Preview Image


Barracuda tour 2016 1st qualify Team Suzuki 1 Groupe B

2 days of Barracuda Tour qualify has been finished.  Our team, Team Suzuki 1  passed qualify with best score of Groupe B.

Today, on Sunday, our team will participate the final game !   Bruce, Etheana, me and our super boat Skipper Laurent will fish hard to try our best this afternoon final game !

please wish us luck !






Barracuda Tour 2016 in La Rochelle (June 1st~4th)

From tomorrow, I am participating Barracuda Tour 2016 invited by Suzuki marine.  I am not a Specialist of Salt water Angler. But, Since They invited me participating this Barracuda Tour 2016 competition (Sea Bass) as Team Suzuki. I will enjoy the event !  I will be at La Rochelle from Wednesday June 1st until Sunday 4th.  Partner’s Village. If you have time. Come see us !!!

Barracuda Tour2016

Barracuda tour Suzuki

Barracuda Tour Daiwa

North Crazy Fishing present, Kids & adults mixed exhibition competition

North Crazy Fishing present, Kids & adults mixed exhibition competition at Moisson Private lake  !  It was so fun !
My partner was 14 years old Matheo.B. He was really good performance Anger. He was casting with Bait casting just like a Pro !
Our team finished 5th place.  I was very happy that Matheo enjoyed fishing with me !
Bravo Matheo ! Bravo all Kids ! Bravo North Crazy Fishing !!! 😎👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
昨日はNorth Carazy Fishing企画のプロと一般子供がクジ引きでタッグを組んでのパイク釣りエキジビション試合。 僕のパートナーはマテオ君 14歳、普段はパパと釣りをしている釣り吉君! パパいわくマテオ君 一昨日の夜は興奮して眠れなかったとか。。。 試合当日はマテオ君も頑張ってくれて、総合5位。 マテオ君を含め 他の子供たちも笑顔で楽しんでくれて本当に良い1日でしたー。
Ryuuske with Kid

Savez-vous pourquoi AGS !!!

Savez-vous pourquoi AGS !!!

Did you know why AGS !!!

Video AGS


Edwin Evers BASSMASTER CLASSIC 2016 Champion

Edwin Evers made BASSMASTER CLASSIC 2016 Champion with total weight of 60.7oz  14 fish.  (day1 13.12oz, day2 17.8oz, day3 29.3oz)

Bravo !!!

Champion BMC2016

Edwin Evers