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Big bait lure with long rod. Prorex

Excellent setup 2.59cm super long 3X heavy action rod with Classic Shad DF 25cm.
Cast nobody can’t reach ! 😎🎣👍🏻

Excellente configuration, 2.59cm super longue canne d’action 3X(Prorex PXX862XXXHFBAF)  avec Classic Shad DF 25cm.
Lance,personne ne peut accéder !

FFPS challenger North devision 1st competition at Lake Moisson.

FFPS challenger North devision 1st competition at Lake Moisson.
We finished in 7th place with 2 Pikes.
It was cold & wet hard fishing day.  Water temp was 14c. Super clear water. I could see the 4m bottom….  That was crazy….

We had 2 Pike.  1st Pike was very beginning of the competition in the morning with over cloud situation with Prorex Classic Shad DF 12.5cm(Chart Pearl) with 7.5g TN D’jig SS round Jig head.  Since it was low light condition. I used bright color and very slow retrieve with aggressive swimming.

2nd pike was in the afternoon with Sun light condition. I was sure that Pike are hiding in the under water vegetation. So,I use Duck Fin Live Shad 15cm(Live Roach) with 15g TN D’jig SS round Jig head. So, I was fishing more deep zone of water and more natural swimming action shad.

The rod & reel, I was using was Daiwa Tatula 6101MHFB with Zillion 6.3:1 speed reel.

This Tatula 6ft10 rod is very good for Swimming Shad rig with long cast and very sensitive rod tip.  and Since It is very early spring season. So, I wanted fish slow. So, I choose 6.3:1 speed reel.

I was very satisfied this result as 1st competition of year with new teammate Mayeul Chevalier.

FFPS challenger 北リーグ 2017年第一戦が終わりました。 2匹のパイクを釣り結果総合7位でフィニッシュ。 新チームメイトとの初試合、とりあえずトップ10入りで嬉しい結果。

Prorex “PX762XHFB-AF”

I discovered this Prorex “PX762XHFB-AF” bait casting rod since release of Prorex series.

I just love it !  This rod can be use what I use most of my Pike fishing in France.  Such as Deps Huge Spinnerbait 30g, Gan Craft Jointed Claw178 56g, Daiwa Spintail Shad 40g, Biwaa Divinator 55g, etc…

This rod is not too fast and not so regular.  So, Very nice easy casting for mid heavy weight lure. and hooking is perfect !

Length of 7.6ft (2,29m) 2 pieces rod is excellent for super long cast and still does not feel so long.

I just love it !!!  Please try everyone !!!


PROREX Live Trout Swimbait coming soon !

PROREX Swimbait lure by Daiwa !
Two-way swimming position and so real color !!! Amazing!!!

5 colors 18cm-95g & 25cm-230g
Coming soon to your local shop !  😎👍🏻


PROREX arriving soon !

Visiting Daiwa France office !
Wow wow wow PROREX ! Euro concept tackle for Euro fish by Daiwa ! Very amazing products with friendly price !!! (Hard Lures, Soft Lures, Rods, Reels, Terminal tackles)
Coming very very soon ! 😎🎉🎣👍🏻


Nano Pike

No~~~~~~… Fish of the day…. nano Pike with Spintail Shad 24g.
今日はこいつだけ。。。 😎🎣


win ! FFPS Seine competition

Yes Yes Yes ! 1st Place FFPS Seine competition with Big fish prize!!!
Thank you so much everyone. I am so happy today !!!
Thank you all my sponsor(Daiwa, Bass Boat Center, Suzuki, Seasons, Navicom, Creation IMG, Onebite Onefishe, HPA)

FFPSリーグ Seine川戦 優勝&ビックフィッシュ賞の二つを頂きました!
本当に皆さんの応援で出せた結果だとつくづく感じています! 本当にありがとうございましたー! 感謝してます!




FFPS North division competiton tour 2016 at lake Moisson.

Just finishd our 1st date of FFPS North division competiton tour 2016 at lake Moisson.  It was cold morning 4c in the morning with heavy fog. Then from from 11:00 blue sky with heavy wind.   water temp at 9c.

fishing was ultra hard…
Unfortunately our team did very very bad… 😂😂😂
Zero bite zero fish….. We didn’t have even follow fish…  It was crazy….

But, smiling as always policy !!! We do our best in next competiton in one month.
Thank you very much FFPS Organizer !

Dream Fish 460-1




GN Carla North division, Ris-Orangis 2016 Sunday competition 9th place

GN Carla North division, Ris-Orangis Sunday competition. Thanks to 73cm Pike. We finished 9th place. Finally, we got some annual points !!! This year is very difficult for our team. But, that’s life !!!

We also tried to fish Perch. But, It was so hard to catch Keeper size Perch.  We caught 30~40 non keeper between 20~24cm Perch.  It was too bad, We could not find big size Perch….

Special thanks to Competition Organizers & CalnaDream 91. and Mega Thanks to Fabien Tournelle renting me his fishing boat !!!

GN Carla 北リーグ、Ris-Orangis戦、73cmのパイクのおかげで、なんとかTop10入りの総合9位、今季は激タフな僕たちのチーム。 何とか年間ポイントを稼ぐ事が出来ました。今後も10月の試合も頑張ります!!!

12049539_10207271898172743_5495057130171998730_n IMG_8199

Street Pike fishing.

I don’t do so much of Street fishing. But, Why not !!!  I went to Lake Choisy for quick afternoon Street fishing for Pike.

Of course, 1 rod !  1 small size bag !!!  That’s is all !    I was mainly bringing mid size Soft shads.

Since the lake is with so much of underwater weeds.  The best set up of lure was D’swim 14cm with 10g round jig head.  So, The lure was able to swim just top of under water weeds with nice retrieve swimming speed.

The most difficult thing was the selection of the rod !!!  Only ONE rod.  This issue is very interesting things to think for basic of fishing !!!