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Tournament D’Swim FAT

This is the actual lure which I used at last FFPS competition.  “Tournament D’Swim Fat“from Daiwa. It is 13cm long oval shape soft shad lure.  Last weekend. I was using this shad with 10g Rubber jig as swimming shad.  This lure gave us excellent result last weekend.

I am sure, I will use this Tournament D’Swim Fat for vertical Sandre fishing this year as well !

Check it out your self too !



FFPS lake Mézières-Ecluzelles 5/15/2016 Finished 2nd Place

Yes ! We did it !!! FFPS lake Mézières-Ecluzelles 5/15 Sunday competition. 😎🏆🐟✌🏻️
We finished 2nd place with limit make of total 6 Pike.
Thank you so much everyone and all our team sponsors (Daiwa, Bassboat Center, Suzuki Marine, Seasons, Navicom, Creation IMG, Onebite Onefishe, HPA)

FFPSリーグ Mézières-Ecluzelles湖戦 日曜日、総合2位に入賞! リミットメイク 6匹のパイク。久しぶりの表彰台は感無量!

FFPS Season2016


GN Carla 2015 at Lac D’Eguzon

Wow wow wow, I just came back from GN Carla Lake Eguzon 2015.

I know this lake.  But,  It was super difficult for all the team.  Water level losing almost 60cm par day….

Water temp was already 17c.  So, Bass fishing was already difficult. We mainly fished Sandre and Perch with vertical fishing technique .

We see some nice bait fish at water depth of 8 to 11m.  So, We mainly fished 9m deep. But, We only had few bit…

The result was crazy. We only had one 54.5cm Sandre, But, we finished in 6th place !   and half of participation team was zero fish….

and same situation on Sunday’s competition. we mainly fished same area as Saturday.  It was very hard. we did not see other team catching fish.

Thanks to Greg. We had one Perch of 28.5cm.    The result !   with only one Perch of 28.5cm. We finished 10th place. Lucky !!!

It was super hard. But, We were happy that, we got some general points for the season2015.

Thank you very very much all of my Supporter and Friends !!!





GN Carla North division, Ris-Orangis 2016 Sunday competition 9th place

GN Carla North division, Ris-Orangis Sunday competition. Thanks to 73cm Pike. We finished 9th place. Finally, we got some annual points !!! This year is very difficult for our team. But, that’s life !!!

We also tried to fish Perch. But, It was so hard to catch Keeper size Perch.  We caught 30~40 non keeper between 20~24cm Perch.  It was too bad, We could not find big size Perch….

Special thanks to Competition Organizers & CalnaDream 91. and Mega Thanks to Fabien Tournelle renting me his fishing boat !!!

GN Carla 北リーグ、Ris-Orangis戦、73cmのパイクのおかげで、なんとかTop10入りの総合9位、今季は激タフな僕たちのチーム。 何とか年間ポイントを稼ぐ事が出来ました。今後も10月の試合も頑張ります!!!

12049539_10207271898172743_5495057130171998730_n IMG_8199

Preparation GN Saint Jean de Losne

This coming weekend is GN North & East “Saint Jean de Losne” competition.  I have to Prepare my self for this competition !

At 1st !!!  My lovely boat wash !!!

Thank play with baby dog !!!

I still have so many things to do before this weekend competition…..

Boat washing summer 2015

parcours GN juillet 2015

with dog

GN Carla 2014 final (Lac d’éguzon) 18th Place

Just finished GN Carla 2014 final (Lac d’éguzon)
It was super hard for our team.
We could not find a good Sandre at all…. Bass was not good enough to be high points…
So we finished in 18th place year 2014. I am very sorry all of you who support our team for result… I know I have to work more hard on Sandre fishing !
There are more and more good up coming Fisherman in French competition. I have to say, I was very happy to be at GN final this year 2014.
Thank you so much GN Carla Organization office for 2014.

Also,  I thank you so much all of my team sponsors.   Daiwa France, Marcraft Boat, Navicom, Seasons, IMG Creation, Mercury France, Onebite Onefishe, HPA.

GN Carla 2014 ツアー終了しました。ザンダーに悪戦苦闘したので急遽バスに変更した結果バスは釣れたもののザンダーのポイントには届かず総合18位でフィニッシュ。(泣)

GN Carla final 2014 2014 GN final

Ready for GN Carla 2014 final Lac d’eguzon

Ready for GN Carla 2014 final (Lac d’eguzon)! 
I am mentally ready. My boat is washed !!! Let’s do it !!! This is the last one of 2014. I need mega wish from all of you !!! Please support me & Greg.

準備は出来た。あとは正々堂々戦うだけ。 日本人なめんなーー。
GN Carlaリーグ 全仏決勝戦 レイク エギュイゾン!!!
土日の決勝戦 日本人魂で戦って来ます!応援どうぞ宜しくお願いします!

GN final 2014


GN Carla lake Enchanet ” French National Cup 2014″ 2nd place.

GN Carla lake Enchanet competition ” French National Cup 2014″
Saturday competition 1st place. Sunday competition 6th place. Final 2 days result 2nd place.

The lake water level was 10m low than normal situation.  even during the competition water was going down  nearly 20cm par day.  Which shut down totally for Sandre fishing….  And also Pike was not biting…  So most of the team was focusing to Perch. So as our team.  Most of fish was biting in between 7 to 13m deep with reaction bite.  This weekend was totally Spinning tackle weekend.  Me and Greg was using most of time with Bay jigging rod as salt water game fishing !!! It was perfect for this weekend for Perch !

Most difficult thing was group of  perch was not stay at same spot for long time. There are constantly moving in the area. so, We are constantly using Humminbird fish finder to locate the Perch and follow the perch all the time.  The other key was the Sun light !!!

Any way, Super weekend for our team. Thank you all and Thank you my super partner Gregory Gillet !  And thank you for Organization and all of our supporters!

GN Carlaツアースペシャルステージ ” French National Cup 2014″ Enchanet湖戦 土曜日優勝。日曜日6位 スペシャルステージ総合2位でフィニッシュ。 日本人なめんなよって言う満足な結果嬉しいです。 皆さんの応援感謝しております!

Special Thanks to all our sponsor. Daiwa, Marcraft boat, Navicom, Seasons, Mercury France, Onebite Onefishe, Creation IMG, HPA and Les Dragons de Choisy.

Enchanet2 Enchanet6 Enchanet8 Enchanet9 Enchanet3 Enchanet4 Enchanet7 Enchanet1 Enchanet5

We did so bad…. GN North Brou competition 2014

Not Good Not Good……   GN North Brou competition.  We did so bad….  So sad~~~~~~~.   But, We did our best. No regret.  That’s life….  I stay home today….


2014 GN Carla North division last competition at Brou(28).

This weekend is GN Carla North division last competition of the year at Brou(28). 
If everything goes well. We will be able to go 2014 GN National Final.
So this weekend will be very important for our team. 
Please, wish me luck !  Have a good weekend everyone !

今週末はGN Carla 北リーグの最終戦。 この試合の結果次第で今年2014 のGN国内総合決勝戦への参戦資格が決定します! 頑張らないとなーーー!