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Salons de peche 2017

Venez découvrir gamme 2017 Daiwa France ainsi que des nouveautés inédites sur les salons de début d’année :

– Clermont-Ferrand, 13-15 janvier 2017.

– Nantes, 3-5 mars 2017.



Salon de Melun 2016

I was participating Salon de Melun 2016 for Daiwa.   Many of fishing acidic people come to visit the show.  It was excellent ambience.  People came to see Daiwa new reels such as Zillion HD, Tatula French color edition, Celtate 2016.

Thank you very much all you who came the show !  See you next year !





Carrefour National Peche et Loisirs 2016

Clermont Ferrand fishing show 2016 is successfully finished !!!  So many Visiter in the show. it was super !!!  But….  On Monday, way back to Paris. It was so much snow……  Plus I had my new fishing boat towing with my car…..   slow slow drive…..







Clearmont-Ferrand fishing show 2016

Clearmont -Ferrand fishing show 2016 is going on this weekend ! Come see us !!




magazine article. Dead line is tonight…

Oh my God~~~~~~…. Working super hard for next Predators magazine article.

It will be my visit of Nagoya “Keep Cast” show. But So many photos and text.  When Am I going to finish this article… I know dead line is tonight….

超頑張っても、次回号の雑誌原稿作成作業が終わらない〜〜〜。今回の記事内容は前回 日本で行った名古屋の”Keep Cast”ショー。写真の数が半端無い。。。そして説明のテキスト。。。

締め切りは今晩。。。 今日はランチ抜きだな。。。


Visit to Japan. Nagoya “Keep Cast” fishing show 2015

Quick 10 days visit in Japan.    It was busy busy busy there.   I was in Tokyo, 3 days in Nagoya and 2 days in Kamakura. 

In Nagoya, I was there for Nagoya fishing show “Keep Cast”.  It was very interesting show. It is not like Osaka or Yokohama show.
I will make a big report of this “Keep Cast” show at Predators magazine sometimes soon.
I was able to meet with friends who I went to Amazon trip last month.  It is alway nice to meet with good friends !!! And also, I met some new friends in Nagoya.  So happy to meet with new friends.
My sweet roots of town Kamakura.  It was only 2 days visit. but, It is nice to see Pacific ocean from kamakura beach. and see Enoden local train.  feel so good !
It was very short visit this time in Japan. but, I had very nice time there.
10678558_10205707045812412_8080840570095551419_n IMG_1897 10340147_10205695773770618_539290622919215446_n IMG_1929 1962877_791651254264793_2636864061705213377_n IMG_1808 IMG_1887 10917879_10205756737294668_7887769907408741295_n 10440194_10205729431172032_2195794982485124612_n 1959363_10205736692353557_860875425870844769_n IMG_1994 IMG_2091

Salon Europeen des Peche ( Nantes fishing show 2015)

Salon Europeen des Peche ( Nantes fishing show 2015) is just finished yesterday.

Thank you so much all of you who came to the show.   Many people came to see new products of Daiwa.  such as New Saltiga and New Exist. and also AGS guides rods  !!!  Specially Daiwa EXIST 2015 received “Best innovation reel” prize.

It was very nice to meet Franch Angler and talk about fishing.

Thanks all !!!  and See you next year !!!

Nantes fishing show 2015 Daiwa IMG_1589 Nantes Fishing show 2015 Nantes fishing show 2015 Mercury Nantes fishing show 2015 Navicom Daiwa Exist 2015 Salon Europeen des Peche

Nantes fishing show 2015 this coming weekend

 Je participerai au salon de la peche 2015 à Nantes le week-end prochain. J’attendrai votre visite sur le stand Daiwa avec beaucoup de nouveautés.
Et bien sur, si vous avez des questions au sujet de mes autres sponsors (Marcraft, Navicom, Mercury) je vous répondrai avec plaisir.
 I will be participating at Nantes fishing show 2015 this coming weekend.
I will be waiting your visit at Daiwa Stand with a lot of new products.
And Of course, If you have any question for Marcraft, Mercury, Navicom products. I am more than welcome to answer you too !
Salon Europeen des peches 2015

Back from Clermont-Ferrand fishing show 2015

Back from Clermont-Ferrand fishing show 2015.  IT WAS SUPER !!!!   So many Visiter at Daiwa France booth and Center Bass pool demonstration. 

So many Visiter was looking & trying New Saltiga & Exist & TWS Zillion 9.1 .    It was just Wow~~~~ !
Thank you for all the people who came to the show.   and I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.
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carrefour national de la peche et des loisirs 2015

This coming weekend will be  Clermont-Ferrand fishing show 2015 in France. One of most biggest French fishing show.

Please come to see us !!!

I will be very very busy !!!

carrefour national de la peche et des loisirs 2015