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Japan Summer Bass ! Fish on !

Summer Street Bass fishing in Japan !
This fish makes me happy day ~~~ !

Lake Biwa Bass fishing summer 2017

Summer Bass fishing in Lake Biwa.

Summer Lake Biwa is Slow fishing,  Wacky rig with 5″ worm and 2.7g nail sinker and Spin-baiting.

The condition of lake was just after typhoon. so, most of lake was muddy water. We looked for the most clear water area.

Thanks to kazz. I was able to catch over 3 kg Bass !

National Bass 2017

National Bass 2017, We finished 11th place out of 67 team.
1st day 3 bass, 2nd day 4 bass. It was very very hard fishing. I personally think Lot river Bass fishing is changing…
We are very satisfied this result !
Thank you so much your support for our team 😎✌🏻
And special thanks to BTP for organization !


2017 summer Black Bass fishing stage at Lot river SW France

2017 summer Black Bass fishing stage by my self !!! I have to brush up my skill of Bass fishing !!! Pitching > Casting > Pitching > Casting > Pitching > Skipping !!

After the FFPS National BASS 2016 Fun fishing with Chevalier family !

After hard competition weekend. We had 3 days of fun fishing at Lot river with Chevalier family !  Weather were excellent. Bass fishing was nice ! And BBQ was so good !  We had excellent 3 days !





FFPC National Bass 2016

FFPS National BASS 2016 competition is over.
It was super hard for me. Oh no~~~~. Not good at all… 😎👎🏻

I could not make a limit make of Bass…

Too bad… But, that ‘s fishing !  I will do my best next week competition!





Pitching 2016

After the B.A.S.S. France competition. quick stop at Lot river.  and Bass fishing self practice.  Since I have done Bass fishing last 1 year.  It is very important to do this brush up.   So, 3 days Pitching !    and camping at night !

Pitching 2016

Bass fishing 2016

Camping 2016

B.A.S.S. Nation Frnce, Lake Biscarrosse Parentis 2016

B.A.S.S. Nation France Lake Biscarrosse Parentis 2 days competition is over.

Day1 we cross the lake in the morning. But, it was not good area. So run back to the other side. Then stat seen the some bass. But, water is super shallow with weeds. It was not easy fishing.

The tehecnic we mainly we used was soft weightless lure presentation with prisice cast.  I was using 6ft Tornament AGS spinning rod with 2500 Exsit. The line was Morthan braided line 25lbs with 8lbs leader. With this tehecnic we are able to get one Bass and one Perch.  It was hard fishing. But, Luckly we were able to finish 7th place 1st day.

for the day 2 , we started fishing right next of start point. But, unfortunately we did not get any bite. So we move to area of Day1.  There were already some boat was fishing. But, since they were fishing different tehcnic as us. So, we decided to stay there.  I had nice bite. But, unfortunately. Bass went under the man made object. Then line brack…

then move to area where looks similar area to 1st spot. We stayed all afternoon there. Then we had 2 Bass.

We finished 6th place this weekend. Greg and I are very satisfied this B.A.S.S. competition with super organization.
Thank you all of you ! Thank you all our Sponsors.
Thank you B.A.S.S. Nation France Organizer !
Soon, Our team fishing report will be on my Blog.

フランスで行われた初めてのB.A.S.S. Franceリーグ試合。 結果総合順位は6位でフィニッシュ。本場アメリカのシステムを取り入れての試合。 釣り自体は激タフでしたが、なかなかエキサイティングな試合でした! 皆さんの応援に感謝しています! ありがとうございました。image




B.A.S.S France

1st time competition of B.A.S.S. in France. Let’s do it !!!


Edwin Evers BASSMASTER CLASSIC 2016 Champion

Edwin Evers made BASSMASTER CLASSIC 2016 Champion with total weight of 60.7oz  14 fish.  (day1 13.12oz, day2 17.8oz, day3 29.3oz)

Bravo !!!

Champion BMC2016

Edwin Evers