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B.A.S.S France

1st time competition of B.A.S.S. in France. Let’s do it !!!


Edwin Evers BASSMASTER CLASSIC 2016 Champion

Edwin Evers made BASSMASTER CLASSIC 2016 Champion with total weight of 60.7oz  14 fish.  (day1 13.12oz, day2 17.8oz, day3 29.3oz)

Bravo !!!

Champion BMC2016

Edwin Evers


Bassmaster Classic 2016 in Oklahoma

Here in Paris is still Fashion week. But, at Over sea in Oklahoma USA.  This weekend is Bassmaster Classic 2016.  55 US Pro are fighting for Champion of the year.

wow cold & dirty water this weekend Bassmaster Clasic in Oklahoma on 1st day.

But, since yesterday Day2.  Water temp are getting wormer.  For the moment until Day2,The leader is Jason Christie with 37.9 oz for 10 fish. 

KVD didn’t make a Cut in 2nd day.(Day1 3 fish, Day2 fish) So, He is not going to fish final.  

Skeet is 18th place in day2 with 2day total of 7 fish 23.5oz.  So he is going to fish final.

Be my guess, This year’s winning weight will something like 50-53 lbs. will be good guess !

It is very difficult condition this year’s Classic.
Guess who will be the winner of 2016 classic ???
Flipping or Cranking or Spinnerbait ???

Iet’ s see the Sunday night result !

Bassmaster classic2016


Local bass kids

Visiting local small pond ! And talking with 12 years old local bass boys !!! Kids told me, the pond has Black Bass and Snake head. We had interesting talk !!! I enjoyed looking at kids fishing.
I should have brought Bass fishing rod too… 👀


今日は高知市内の野池見学!  丁度冬休みという事で現地の子供達もバス フィッシングを楽しんでいた。 近くで釣りをしていた礼儀正しい12才の現地っ子に声をかけて、池の状況を聞いたら冬時期でも小さめのテキサスリグでバスが釣れる様で、 ベジテーション周りに丁寧にソフトルアーをピッチングしていた。 この池、雷魚もいる様で、いつか自分も釣りをしてみたいスポットとなりましたー!   ちょっとした楽しい一期一会な出会いでしたーー!





News !!! B.A.S.S. is arriving in France !!!

New !!!  It’s seems like B.A.S.S.  (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society) is arriving in France next year 2016.

It is very interesting news !!!   If It it happening,  It will be the 1st competition tour only with Black Bass fishing in France !

Let’s see, How does it go.



Summer weekend Bass fishing

summer time ~~~~~ !   Visiting my friend Chevalier family house.  And summer weekend Bass fishing.  Fishing & camping with friends. It is so summer ambience !   It wasn’t a easy fishing, But,  we are having excellent moment. And it will continue to tomorrow (French revolution Memorial Day ) Pike fishing !

image image image

Daiwa Spintail Shad now on sale in France !

Wow wow wow !!!  Daiwa “Spintail Shad” is on sale in France now !!!

There are two sizes.   12.5cm on 40g & 10cm on 24g  with 6 colors.

There are very interesting weight and size for normal situation fishing in France. They can be used any water from 1m to super deep.

Some of the color are very real look fish !!!  And They ware really friendly price !!!

Check it out at your local tackle shop in France.

IMG_3092 IMG_3095 IMG_3093 IMG_3094



Weekend Bass

After hard working of Demonstration at Ideal péche shop on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday was nice weekend Bass fishing at private pond with my friend Chevalier family.

Water was still cold.  Bass was not active.  So working very super long suspending pose with big bait lure.  The rod was not a big bait rod. But, since fish bite was during the long suspending pose.  MHH Jig rod was effective to feeing the super small bite. It was very interesting Bass fishing with nice sun !







Zillion TWS 9.1:1

Qui veux lancer plus de Pitching ? Qui veux lancer plus de Skipping ? Qui veux plus de fish ? Alors pourquoi pas 9.1 !!!

Zillion TWS9.1

magazine article. Dead line is tonight…

Oh my God~~~~~~…. Working super hard for next Predators magazine article.

It will be my visit of Nagoya “Keep Cast” show. But So many photos and text.  When Am I going to finish this article… I know dead line is tonight….

超頑張っても、次回号の雑誌原稿作成作業が終わらない〜〜〜。今回の記事内容は前回 日本で行った名古屋の”Keep Cast”ショー。写真の数が半端無い。。。そして説明のテキスト。。。

締め切りは今晩。。。 今日はランチ抜きだな。。。