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My new lure brand “babyface”

Mauvaise nouvelle pour les poissons,  bonne nouvelle pour vous les pêcheurs .
Pour les pecheurs insatisfaits  du monde, la marque  “babyface” arrive bientôt du Japon.
Ces leurres sont conçus et fabriqués par le pro angler Japonais,  Ryusuke Hayashi et par un Designer de leurre japonais renommée.
babyface est née pour tous les leurriste du monde entier.
Nous développons les materiels qui cible les poissons de vos terrains de jeu.
Rester branché pour plus de details.
Bad news for fish, good news for you!
For unsatisfied anglers in the world, “babyface” is coming soon from Japan!
We create lures designed and engineered by a global Japanese pro angler Ryusuke Hayashi and super Japanese lure builders.
babyface was born for lure anglers all around the world.  We make gears targeting your fish in your water!
Stay tuned for more details!
Please, “LIKE” and Spread out  babyface Facebook page to everywhere !!! We need your support !!!

FFPS Challenger Lake Sanguinet Sunday Nov.5. 2017. 5th place

FFPS Challenger Lake Sanguinet Sunday Nov.5. 2017. 5th place with 4 Perch !

FFPSリーグ Challenger ボルドーSanguine湖 11/5戦 4匹のパーチで総合5位でフィニッシュ。
これで今年の国内総合決勝戦 参戦権利決定!




We won, FFPS Challenger North division lake Dar Saturday competition

We just finished FFPS Challenger North division lake Dar Saturday competition.

We won the competition !  
It was the lake which we never fished before. So It was very hard to know to find a fish. Thanks to my local friend,  We had some information of lake geographic. We went directory to deep spot area of the lake. We scan with my fish finder for 20 mins fore start actual fishing.  Then we found a spot 6m to 9m drop off shoulder bottom area with big glupe of bait fish area. It was totally different situation compare to other place. ( We see the food cycle) 
So, we stayed all day (8 hours with out moving).  using my electronic motor “spot lock” mode.  
We see the perch in the bottom. But, The perch was inactive….  So, We fished very fitness fishing with drop shot rig with 3.5g weight with 2 inch very small soft lure.  The main technique was « Do nothing » . Since Perch was not active at all. minimum presentation was the key.  No shaking, No aggressive lure movement. 
We used TN 8 braid 0.12mm as main line. then 2m of TN FC leader 0.18mm as leader. 
For the rod & reel , I was using Prorex AGS 702LFS with Certate 2004CH, Mayeul was using Prorex XR 672MLXS with Caldia 2500. 
The fish bite was very minimum. So sensitive light action rod was perfect for this situation !!!  
We are very satisfied this competition result. And also our 2nd victory of the year 2017. 
Thank you very much all of our friends & Supporters and  all our Sponsors for supporting our team !

Power Tail

Very interesting nano size lure by Fiiish.  Power Tail !!!  I will try that !!!


PROREX arriving soon !

Visiting Daiwa France office !
Wow wow wow PROREX ! Euro concept tackle for Euro fish by Daiwa ! Very amazing products with friendly price !!! (Hard Lures, Soft Lures, Rods, Reels, Terminal tackles)
Coming very very soon ! 😎🎉🎣👍🏻


GN Carla 2015 at Lac D’Eguzon

Wow wow wow, I just came back from GN Carla Lake Eguzon 2015.

I know this lake.  But,  It was super difficult for all the team.  Water level losing almost 60cm par day….

Water temp was already 17c.  So, Bass fishing was already difficult. We mainly fished Sandre and Perch with vertical fishing technique .

We see some nice bait fish at water depth of 8 to 11m.  So, We mainly fished 9m deep. But, We only had few bit…

The result was crazy. We only had one 54.5cm Sandre, But, we finished in 6th place !   and half of participation team was zero fish….

and same situation on Sunday’s competition. we mainly fished same area as Saturday.  It was very hard. we did not see other team catching fish.

Thanks to Greg. We had one Perch of 28.5cm.    The result !   with only one Perch of 28.5cm. We finished 10th place. Lucky !!!

It was super hard. But, We were happy that, we got some general points for the season2015.

Thank you very very much all of my Supporter and Friends !!!





Back from Gunki Iron Tournament 2015

Gunki Iron Tournament 24 hours Fishing Marathon is just finish ! It was so interesting Street fishing competition. More than 80 teams 240 Anglers participate this event.
Our Team (The Dragons) result was not good at all. (52nd place)But, We fished 24 hours ! That’s the realty !!!
Greg.G & Antoine.L & me are very satisfied & enjoyed this completion. Even 3 o’clock in the dark morning walking and fishing was very crazy experience ! I almost lost my mind !!! Any way, It was excellent experience.
Thank you very much Organizer and city of Rotterdam. It was super perfect excellent job !!!
This morning, I can’t move at all, be corse of muscular pain all over my body…. That’s life of middle age Angler…
オランダ ロッテルダムで開催された24時間耐久陸っぱり釣り大会。 ヨーロッパ各国から80チーム 240人以上が参加。
24時間ノンストップ釣りっぱなし、歩きっぱなし。。。 こんなタフなイベント見た事無いってとんでも無い試合でした。
残念ながら僕達のチーム成績は悪かったのですが. 参加する事に意義があると思える達成感を感じる事が出来ました。 真っ暗な夜中の3時に意識が朦朧としながら歩いてスポットを探しキャストして釣り。。。 まぁー、普通じゃないですよ。。。 とても良い体験&思い出になりました〜〜。
試合実行委員さま、ロッテルダム市さま ありがとーございました。














Sept. 2015 Sandre fishing at Seine river

Summer vacation is over !
I have not been to Sandre vertical fishing almost 1 month.
Thanks to my friend Fabien.T.  He rent me his fishing boat. So, I went to Sandre vertical fishing with my friend Hiro.
Water level of Seine river was bit low than normal level. Water temperature almost 20c.

Fishing was not easy.  We have fish bite. But, only small size Sandre…  Where is Big Sandre ???
We tried different area and depth. But, some how we could not find even one big size Sandre at that day.
Also, we could not find the best lure, size, color either…   It’s seems like all of then works OK. But, we could not find the best of best….

Fishing can be very difficult. That’s why I can’t stop !!!






Perch fishing at Seine river

First session of Seine river fishing year 2015.  We went fishing for Perch.  Almost 6m deep, nice big Perch hit my D’fin 4 inch ( Chartreuse) with Daiwa Bullet jig head 7g. It was excellent fight !

Tackle information :    Rod > Daiwa Tournament TN642ULXSAF , Reel > Daiwa Certate 2004CH, Line > Daiwa TN 8 braid 0,12mm, Lure > D’fin 4 inch, Jighead > Daiwa Bullet jig head 7g.

Perch Seine


Daiwa Spintail Shad now on sale in France !

Wow wow wow !!!  Daiwa “Spintail Shad” is on sale in France now !!!

There are two sizes.   12.5cm on 40g & 10cm on 24g  with 6 colors.

There are very interesting weight and size for normal situation fishing in France. They can be used any water from 1m to super deep.

Some of the color are very real look fish !!!  And They ware really friendly price !!!

Check it out at your local tackle shop in France.

IMG_3092 IMG_3095 IMG_3093 IMG_3094