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GN Carla lake Enchanet ” French National Cup 2014″ 2nd place.

GN Carla lake Enchanet competition ” French National Cup 2014″
Saturday competition 1st place. Sunday competition 6th place. Final 2 days result 2nd place.

The lake water level was 10m low than normal situation.  even during the competition water was going down  nearly 20cm par day.  Which shut down totally for Sandre fishing….  And also Pike was not biting…  So most of the team was focusing to Perch. So as our team.  Most of fish was biting in between 7 to 13m deep with reaction bite.  This weekend was totally Spinning tackle weekend.  Me and Greg was using most of time with Bay jigging rod as salt water game fishing !!! It was perfect for this weekend for Perch !

Most difficult thing was group of  perch was not stay at same spot for long time. There are constantly moving in the area. so, We are constantly using Humminbird fish finder to locate the Perch and follow the perch all the time.  The other key was the Sun light !!!

Any way, Super weekend for our team. Thank you all and Thank you my super partner Gregory Gillet !  And thank you for Organization and all of our supporters!

GN Carlaツアースペシャルステージ ” French National Cup 2014″ Enchanet湖戦 土曜日優勝。日曜日6位 スペシャルステージ総合2位でフィニッシュ。 日本人なめんなよって言う満足な結果嬉しいです。 皆さんの応援感謝しております!

Special Thanks to all our sponsor. Daiwa, Marcraft boat, Navicom, Seasons, Mercury France, Onebite Onefishe, Creation IMG, HPA and Les Dragons de Choisy.

Enchanet2 Enchanet6 Enchanet8 Enchanet9 Enchanet3 Enchanet4 Enchanet7 Enchanet1 Enchanet5

Fishing with 3 Japanese boyz !

Ba Bamm ! Fish are so active in Seine river now~~.

Today, Fishing with 3 Japanese boyz !!! They enjoyed French fishing so much with me.  That makes my so happy !

セーヌ川、 お魚さん超豊富! しかも今日は3人の日本人初心者さんと一緒。皆さん超楽しんでくれた事が最高に嬉しい一日でした!もっと沢山の人に釣りの楽しさ知って欲しいな〜。 最高だわッ!

Seine23:102 Seine23:101 seine23:103 Seine 23:10:2014

Domaine d’Halatte, D’Fin shad save my day !!!

Fishing at Domaine d’Halatte.   Super Pike fishing lake. But, some how Pike was on vacation…..  After 3 hours of Pike fishing. I gave up Pike fishing. Then Change to  Perch fishing.  Perch was on shallow water so, I was sight fishing with light tackle. ( Daiwa Tournament 664UL + Certate 2010PEH + 8 Braid 15 lbs + D’Fin 3 inch Pearl with 3.5g jig head)

9 Perches by end of day. D’Fin shad save my day !!!

Info:  Domaine d’Halatte > 2 Voirie savaterie, 60550 Verneuil-en Halatte.  

Tel: 0621441040

Domaine d'halatte1 Domaine d'Halatte with D'fin Domaine d'Halatte2 Domaine d'Halatte sky


Fish is fish

Small…. But, Fish is fish.  I am enjoying !  That is the most important thing !!!

ちっちゃ。。。 でも魚は魚。一番大切なのは、楽しむ事!!!

Info: Rod : Daiwa Zillion 701MFBAF

Reel: Daiwa Tatula Type-R  6.3

Lure :  Raid Japan Level-Vib. Silent

Mini Perche with Raid Japan


Tomorrow GN Carla RIS ORANGIS competition.  Let’s do it !!!  Please wish me luck !  I need it.

Demain GN Carla de Ris Orangis. Il faut y aller. Souhaitez moi bonne chance. J’en ai besoin.

RIS 2014


“It’s a small world”

Oh No~~~~, Weekend fishing. “It’s a small world”….  Just like Disneyland …

I don’t know why Sandres were totally OFF…. Maybe super full moon effect….   So, We fished Perch with light tackle(D’Fin 3″+ 5g Jig head)… But, Only small fish….    It’s a fishing !

昨日の釣りはどうなってんの? まるでディズニーランドの” It’s a small world”状態。。。

ところで、ザンダーはどうして釣れなかったんだ??? やっぱりスーパームーンが関係しているのかな〜〜〜。。。

It's a small world

Baby sitter fishing Day 2 was so hard….

Oh my God~~~~. Baby sitter fishing Day 2 was so hard…. Where did you go Fish ??? And also crazy weather… Zero fish for all of 3 before lunch. Finally after lunch. Long drive to new area and smaller size lures. We are able to catch some fish…. Baby sitter is so~~~~ hard…

After fishing dinner was at Gyoza restaurant and today’s fishing review meeting…

魚〜、何処へ行った〜。 べビーシッター釣り二日目。昨日と同じスポットから魚の姿げ消えた。。。ボート走らせて探したが、ランチ前までに見つからず。午前の部全員ゼロ。当然べビーは釣れないので文句ばっか。。。午後のセッションで、水流れをベースに新スポットにて、やっとお魚さんと出会えた〜〜。 悪戦苦闘でした。。。


Seine fishing28:8-5 Seine fishing28:8-4 Seine fishing28:8-2 Seine fishing28:8-3 Seine fishing28:8-1 Seine fishing28:8-6 Seine fishing28:8

Ris-Orangis VICTORY for our Team

GN Carla Championship of France  North Division Ris-Orangis  VICTORY !!!

GN Carla リーグ、チャンピオンシップ フランス 北ブロック、Ris-Orangis戦 優勝!!!

Victoire sur la compétition du GN Carla Division Nord a Ris-Orangis!!!!!


Beautiful Perch at Lake Leman !

Also, Beautiful Perch at Lake Leman !!!  Oh…. Sorry. I can’t show you the Daiwa Prototype reel yet….  Please wait 3 more days for the Daiwa France 2014 catalog !!!

Il y a aussi des perches magnifiques sur le Lac Leman!! Oh et désolé de ne pouvoir vous montrer le prototype Daiwa pour le moment… attendez encore quelques jours pour le catalogue 2014 Daiwa!!!

Leman perch

2013 birthday fishing with my friends !

Thank you so so much everyone for my Birthday message at Facebook , SMS, Telephone  !!!
I had excellent birthday fishing with my friends !!!  So Happy !!!

皆さん、沢山の誕生日メッセージ(Facebook, SMS, 電話)有り難うございました! おかげさまで、今年の誕生日は釣り仲間と一緒に楽しい釣りが出来ました〜! あ〜、幸せだ〜〜〜。

Merci a tous pour les messages pour mon anniversaire sur Facebook, SMS et téléphone!!!
J’ai passé la journée à la pêche avec mes amis:: Super content…

BD fishing 3 boats ピクニック