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My new lure brand “babyface”

Mauvaise nouvelle pour les poissons,  bonne nouvelle pour vous les pêcheurs .
Pour les pecheurs insatisfaits  du monde, la marque  “babyface” arrive bientôt du Japon.
Ces leurres sont conçus et fabriqués par le pro angler Japonais,  Ryusuke Hayashi et par un Designer de leurre japonais renommée.
babyface est née pour tous les leurriste du monde entier.
Nous développons les materiels qui cible les poissons de vos terrains de jeu.
Rester branché pour plus de details.
Bad news for fish, good news for you!
For unsatisfied anglers in the world, “babyface” is coming soon from Japan!
We create lures designed and engineered by a global Japanese pro angler Ryusuke Hayashi and super Japanese lure builders.
babyface was born for lure anglers all around the world.  We make gears targeting your fish in your water!
Stay tuned for more details!
Please, “LIKE” and Spread out  babyface Facebook page to everywhere !!! We need your support !!!

Lac de Lepinet private pond fishing party Organized by Dimitri Kopiec

I just participated Lac de Lepinet private pond fishing party Organized by Dimitri Kopiec and his club.
It was cold day… But, I really had good time spending time with all the participant and BBQ and siesta.
Thank you so much Dimitri 😎🎉





I participated Nautic STREET FISHING PARIS last weekend.

More than 80 people participated this event. Fishing zone was form TF1 to Pont Neuf.  It was large zone of seine river inside of Paris city.

9:00 start,  many of kids are so excited to walk different direction of Seine.  Morning was very very cold.

Water condition of Seine was not good. But,  There were some Team fished some nice fish.

unfortunately, Our team #33 Team Suzuki had only one non keeper size Sandre….

We had fan time with all the participants.   and It was excellent organization by Nautic & FTF.    Bravo !!!




Avant-première nouveautés Daiwa 2018 Part 1

Visite bureau Daiwa France. Avant-première nouveautés 2018 Part 1
Prorex Pelagic Shad

Guests fishing day !

Yesterday, Fishing with Sébastien & Hiro.
Guests fishing day !
We discovered new deep hole spot in the zone !!! 4m deep zone with 7m deep hole. and it was very hard bottom.
And Yes ! Fish was there !!! Sébastien had also very nice Zander ! I hope he had good time with me !(Fishing & Lunch) 😎😎😎🎣✌🏻

Tackle info:  Rod>Daiwa TN AGS602HMHFSAF, Reel> Certate2510PEH, Line>TN 8braid EVO 0.16mm, Lure>Duck-Fin 9cm&13cm, Mermaid Shad 12.5cm

昨日はセバスチャン&ヒロが同船。 セバスチャンにとっては初めてのバーティカルフィッシング。
そして、昨日はいつも釣りしているゾーン内に新しいホットスポットを発見! 念入りに釣りした結果! ザンダーはやっぱりいた!

My personal record Sandre !!! (June 2017)

My personal record Sandre 92cm !!! Satisfaction 100%. 😎🎣✌🏻

Seine river 9m deep.
自己新記録 ザンダー 92cm!!! 満足度100%

Tackle info:  Rod > Daiwa Prorex PXX602MHFSAF,  Reel> Certate 2004CH,  Line> TN 8braid Evo 0,16mm,  Lure> Duck-Fin13cm with Daiwa Football jig head 21g


cold day with Mermaid shad.

Very very cold day fishing…. It was super mega hard day…  Water temp already 10c…..

But, Prorex Mermaid shad helped my fishing !



PROREX arriving soon !

Visiting Daiwa France office !
Wow wow wow PROREX ! Euro concept tackle for Euro fish by Daiwa ! Very amazing products with friendly price !!! (Hard Lures, Soft Lures, Rods, Reels, Terminal tackles)
Coming very very soon ! 😎🎉🎣👍🏻


September Sandre

1 st try of Seine river fishing after summer vacation.

Unfortunately, Fishing was not easy….  water Temp 21c. low water level, not much current….   No current is giving me hard time for river fishing.
We covered so many different area to find some fish.
Until lunch time. we could not get any fish, any bite…..  Sad~~~~~~~.
Afternoon, We try to find max current area of main rive.  Then, Start having  some bite….  but, only small Sandre…
Finally able to have nice Sandre end of the day….
I was fishing Vertical fishing and casting both way depend on the situation.  I really like the ADT drag system of 2016 Certate reel. Thanks to this super  smooth Drag system. I was able to go down to 1 size smaller diameter PE line.  Excellent !!!
Tackle info:  Vertical > Tournament AGS Special Vertical TNAGS602HMHFSAF, 2016CERTATE 2510PE-H, TN 8 Braid EVO 0.16mm, Duck-Fin 13cm, Daiwa Football jig head 28g.
 Casting > TD Commander AGS TDCMAGS702MFSAF, 2016CERTATE 2510PE-H, TN 8 Braid EVO 0.16mm, Duck-Fin 9cm, TN D’jig head SS Round 2/0 10g.

Season 2016 1st time out to Seine river.

Fish of the day ! 😎🐟❤️
2016 1st time out to Seine river. But, water level is still very high & river current is way too strong…   I was using Football jig 28g with Duck Fin 9cm UV Chart & UV Pearl color. But, UV Perl was much more effective this time. Since It is begging of the seasons. Sandre are eating mainly small bait fish.  It is very important to change the color of lure. If it is not having fish bite !!!
昨日のお魚 ! 今シーズン初セーヌ川でしたが、数週間前の水害影響で、まだまだ水位も高いし流れも激速。。。

Sndre 2016