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GN Carla 2015 at Lac D’Eguzon

Wow wow wow, I just came back from GN Carla Lake Eguzon 2015.

I know this lake.  But,  It was super difficult for all the team.  Water level losing almost 60cm par day….

Water temp was already 17c.  So, Bass fishing was already difficult. We mainly fished Sandre and Perch with vertical fishing technique .

We see some nice bait fish at water depth of 8 to 11m.  So, We mainly fished 9m deep. But, We only had few bit…

The result was crazy. We only had one 54.5cm Sandre, But, we finished in 6th place !   and half of participation team was zero fish….

and same situation on Sunday’s competition. we mainly fished same area as Saturday.  It was very hard. we did not see other team catching fish.

Thanks to Greg. We had one Perch of 28.5cm.    The result !   with only one Perch of 28.5cm. We finished 10th place. Lucky !!!

It was super hard. But, We were happy that, we got some general points for the season2015.

Thank you very very much all of my Supporter and Friends !!!





Sept. 2015 Sandre fishing at Seine river

Summer vacation is over !
I have not been to Sandre vertical fishing almost 1 month.
Thanks to my friend Fabien.T.  He rent me his fishing boat. So, I went to Sandre vertical fishing with my friend Hiro.
Water level of Seine river was bit low than normal level. Water temperature almost 20c.

Fishing was not easy.  We have fish bite. But, only small size Sandre…  Where is Big Sandre ???
We tried different area and depth. But, some how we could not find even one big size Sandre at that day.
Also, we could not find the best lure, size, color either…   It’s seems like all of then works OK. But, we could not find the best of best….

Fishing can be very difficult. That’s why I can’t stop !!!






Summer Seine river…

Yesterday,   I went to Seine river vertical fishing with my friends.   I have not been here for last 1 month.   It was so hard….  There was Zero current….  No wind….  my boat is staying at same place…  It was just like a lake…    River fishing with out current is not good sine at all.  Using my Minnkota electronic motor to moving .  We were able to find some fish.  Most of the active fish was very very small Sandre. My favorite 13cm Duck Fin shad was bit too big for small active fish. So I down sized my lure to 4 inch D’fin.  W also had some Cat fish actition…. We had 4 bites of Cats,  3 line break. 1 in the boat.

And Just before the lunch time,  one of my friend who came 1st time boat vertical fishing caught 80 cm super nice Sandre !  I am very happy for him !!!  (Of course, I rented my AGS vertical rod to him. and he proof the performance of the rod !)

For the lunch.  I had special Hokkaido limited Yakisoba noodle with side soup which my friend bring from Hokkaido.  But, 200g noodle was bit too much….






Shota in Paris

Quick visit of Shota !   Fishing was hard. because of super hot weather in France (40c degrees) . But, It was fun to see him.   See you next time Shota !!!


Chevalier family trying Seine river vertical Sandre fishing

Chevalier family came to visit me last weekend for Seine river vertical Sandre fishing.

Seine river level was very low & not enough strong current. So fishing was bit hard. But, We still had excellent fishing. and They caught some nice fish with Seine Sandre hard attack bite !

I usually use 28g foot ball jig head. But, Since it was very weak current. So, 21g was better to have good swimming for the shad lure.  and It’s seems like white color shad was the best of the day !










Thanks to Humminbird !

Thanks to Humminbird !   Sometimes, Life needs make it easier !

Humminbird Thanks

Vertical fishing with Gregory !

Vertical fishing practice with Gregory !   Of course, Both of us using Daiwa 6ft AGS vertical rod !!!   Trying to improve our Vertical fishing skill !!!

Water temp 18c. Most of our Sandre was caught 4 to 8m deep.   UV Chartreuse didn’t work very good this time. The best color of the day was UV Pearl of Duck-Fin Shad 13cm

Info :


Duck-Fin Shad 13cm




Sandre time at Seine river ~~~~!

Ba Bamm ! Sandre time at Seine river ~~~~! The Season 2015 is officially open now !   I was waiting this moment for so long time…

いよいよ 今年もセーヌ川でこのシーズンが到来〜! この時期を待ってましたー。でも、まだ水温(17℃)、季節が安定していないので、ザンダーが散っていて、魚を探すのに手こずりますが、いる処にはいますっ!

Seine Sandre2015

La Peche et les Poissons #839 with DVD ” Secrets de Champions Tome 2″

Vous avez déjà acheté ?

Did you buy already ?

La peche et les poissonsn#839


DVD “SECRET DE CHAMPION 2” from LA PECHE ET LES POISSON magazine will coming out very soon.    Frederic Julian , Laurent Vrignaud , Ryusuke Hayashi will be on this DVD.   It was cold winter day fishing…. But….


Secrets de Champions 2 Secrets de Champions2