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The fishing Kamakura !

Enjoying fishing in Kamakura with my nephew ! weekend fishing !


Barracuda Tour 2018

I participated Barracuda Tour 2018 organized by Beneteau at Port du Crouesty with Team Suzuki and Daiwa
Event was fantastic ! We meet so many French Salt water fisherman as well as International visitors too.
I was able to fish with so many different people during 1 week.  Taking about fishing & Fishing tackle !
We tested with Daiwa rods,reels, lines and lures.
I was using my personal favorite Rod & Reel.  MORETHAN 80M + MORETHAN 3012 with TN 8BRAID EVO 0.16mm(PE1.5)
Since we fished most of time shallow water(4~6m). I really enjoyed using TN D’FIN 4 inch AYU color with TN D’JIG SS ROUND 10g #2/0.
I had good result with lure !

2017 Summer salt water fishing in Normandy

Summer salt water fishing in Normandy with Mr.Jun-san.

Nice blue sky weather with water temp 22c.
We fished underwater structure from 9m to 24m.
Fishing was not easy. but, We had some bite and some SeaBass !!!
I really had good time !  Thank you Jun-san !!!
My tackle was Daiwa Morethan AGS 80MH + Certate 3012H + TN8Braid EVO PE1.5 + TN FC Leader 0.30mm
Lure > Daiwa shad 12cm, D’Fin10cm, Fiiish Black Minnow

Quick night Seabass fishing

I was in Basse-Normandie for business trip.  Of corse night time is free time. So, quick seabass fishing after nice dinner !

The fishing location was just behind of restaurant. nice port. Looking for the street light which is hitting to water surface.

Start fishing with 10cm minnow hard lure.  From 2nd cast. We had some small Seabass chase. But not hitting to lure. So, Change to small 8-9cm soft shad lure with light jig head(7~8g).

Bamm~, From 1st cast.  SeaBass was hitting very aggressively.   We fished may be 2 hours of out going tide.  I had 2, My friend Reo had 5.   We had excellent after dinner party !

My tackle info:    Rod > Daiwa Morethan 80M,  Reel> Certate 3012,  Line> TN 8 braid PE1,  Lure> B’freez 100, Duck-fin 9cm with SS7.5g Jighead, Fiiish Black Minnow #2.


Barracuda Tour 2017 2nd week

Barracuda Tour 2017 is just finished.
It was super mega nice fishing event I have never seen before !
Final day, Team Suzuki was able to catch 3 small keeper Sea Bass. We were so happy to be there !!! We had excellent time.
Thank you Suzuki & Beneteau !!! 😎❤️

My main tackle was Daiwa Morethan AGS 80 MH + Certate 3012+ TN 8 Braid EVO PE2.

The lure I used was Daiwa-shad 12cm, Fiiish Black Minnow 25g,35g, Crazy 30g.


Barracuda Tour 2017 1st weekend

It was excellent 1st weekend of Barracuda Tour 2017.

I participated as Team Suzuki this year also.
The weather was changing constantly.  Fishing was bit hard.

But, We had excellent party atmosphere with Salt water Anglers and all the partnership materials !!!   Super fishing boat Beneteau , Super engine Suzuki, Super fishing materials Daiwa.

I really had good time.

But, Barracuda Tour 2017 is not finished yet !  To be continue next weekend !!!


Quick Sea Bass & Kibire night fishing. But…

Last night, I went to quick Sea bass & Kibire night fishing with Mr.Maeda. He is local crazy fishing addicted man.  He is so nice man !

Unfortunately, We could not get any fish. But, We had nice Kochi fishing conversation.

Thank you Mr.Maeda.  and See you soon !


Mahi Mahi fishing in Kochi

Japan salt water fishing ! It was so cooooool . Mahi Mahi party in Kochi.

Mahi Mahi was so active.  Topwater pencil bait & Minnow lures were so effective.

Specially very fast reeling action.
Thank you so much Mr.Uesugi, Mr.Motobayashi and Mr. Kawashima !

I had excellent day !!!

Tackle info:  Rod> Saltiga 7ft, Reel> Certate 3500HD, Line> Saltiga 12 braid 50lbs, Lure> Daiwa Saltiga Dorado Slider 140S, Rialis FangBait 140SR, Dranckrazy  Jerck bait.

Mahi Mahi Kochi




“Yumechoko” French Guyana Salt water Tarpon at YouTube now!

Kazz’s French Guyana Tarpon fishing was on Japanese TV (BS Nippon Television) last week in Japan.

People couldn’t watch on TV. You can watch at YouTube now !!!  Check it out.  Oh, I am also catching some nice nice Tarpon too !!!

YouTube Preview Image


My hit lure at Barracuda Tour 2016

Since, Most of Sea bass was located in very shallow water at Barracuda tour 2016.  I would say 80% of Sea Bass we caught was at 1m-2.5m shallow water. So, I was using very light weight jig head just like flesh water fishing !  That’s way, Fishing was not so difficult as I thought for me.  If it is 10m or 20m deep salt water fishing.  I am totally lost…

I was using Daiwa Bullet Jig Head 10g & 14g 3/0 with Daiwa D’Fin 10.2cm (Purple/Pearl) .   It was just like Black Bass or Perch fishing !

Since water was clear and fishing was hard. So, I was down sizing the Fluorocarbon leader line to 0.26mm. (Daiwa Tournament FC Leader).

0.26mm was risky for Rock area Sea bass fishing. But, I took a chance.

I really enjoyed this light game sea Bass fishing as Flesh Water Anger !