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3rd place Barracuda Tour 2016

Ba-bamm ! Oh Yes ! We finished 3rd Place of Barracuda Tour 2016. I am very happy to be this super experience to participate this salt water fishing event “Barracuda Tour 2016” as part of Team Suzuki France.
I want to say super thank you to my this competition fishing partner Bruce.G, Ethena.Q and super skipper Laurent.L and of corse Suzuki Marine.
I really enjoyed this weekend !
I loved this super fishing event. “Barracuda Tour” Thank you so much !
Barracuda Tour 2016 シーバストーナメント終了ーです! 結果 総合3位で表彰台にたてました。 今回 Team SuzukiのProメンバーとして参加出来た事を大変光栄に思っています。










Barracuda tour 2016 1st qualify Team Suzuki 1 Groupe B

2 days of Barracuda Tour qualify has been finished.  Our team, Team Suzuki 1  passed qualify with best score of Groupe B.

Today, on Sunday, our team will participate the final game !   Bruce, Etheana, me and our super boat Skipper Laurent will fish hard to try our best this afternoon final game !

please wish us luck !






Urado Bay in Kochi Japan

1st time fishing at Urado bay,Kochi city in Japan. I tried to fish dream mystery fish AKAME (Japanese Barramundi) with Gray Ghost fishing guide service. Of course, Akame is not a easy fishing. Zero bite zero fish.
but, nice size Halibut bite my Recipro. It was not Akame. But. So happy to meet My fast Urado bay fish !!!
I lean so many skill of fishing through tonight’s experiance. I will be back in Urado bay for Akame in near future. To meet with Akame oneday.

The tackle I was using for this fishing was almost same as Abazil Amazon fishing. Rod > Daiwa TD Travel 654XHFB-OS, Reel > Tatula HD, Line > Tounament 8 braid EVO 0.35mm, Leader > Zylon 1m
Thank you so much Mr.Yamahiro-san for tonight.

高知 浦戸湾 アカメ釣り体験にアタック。
当然、ミステリー魚 アカメはそう簡単に釣れてはくれない。(当然のこと!)
今回ガイドして頂いたGray Ghostのヤマヒロさんにアカメの習性、釣り方、ルアーの動かし方などなど、アカメ レクチャーして頂きながら、実釣! 当然ながらアカメには逢えなかったが、再度ここ浦戸湾に来る為の目的がひとつ増えた!
今回はとりあえず、浦戸湾のヒラメを一匹 ヤマヒロさん作のReciproでヒット! ターゲット魚では無いが、浦戸湾の魚に出逢えたので嬉しい一匹でしたッ!
ヤマヒロさん メルシーでした〜〜!






Saltiga Air Potable 85 XH

During the last fishing trip of French Guyane,  I was using Daiwa Saltiga Air Portable 85 XH  3 pieces travel rod for salt water fishing.  It was my 1st time using this rod. But, It was super amazing performance rod !!!   The rod is so strong and easy to use. The rod bending curve was so beautiful just like mono rod.    I put all my weight on this rod against big tarpon.  It is no problem !!!   This rod is highly recommend rod for all of big salt water Angers.

Saltiga Air Portable

Air Portable


French Guyane Tarpon

2nd part of our French Guyane fishing was salt water fishing.  I usually don’t fish salt water fishing. So, It was very excited experience.  I am not use to fish with salt water heavy duty tackles but, Thanks to new Saltiga Air Portable rod.  I was able to fish with out any problem & stress.

Oh yes, Almost same height as me !!! So happy to catch this Tarpon ! 😎🌴🐟

仏領ギアナの第二部はソルトフィッシング。ほぼ自分の身長サイズのターポン! 超ーー嬉しいっ! ダイワの新作 Saltiga Air Portableトラベル竿大活躍!!!

Tackle : Saltiga Air Portable 85 XH, Saltiga 5500 Expedition, 8 braid Evo 77lbs, D-Swim 5,5″, ST66 hooks


Tarpon fight

Daiwa D-swim

Summer Heavy Rock Fishing !

Since Last year, I could not go fishing Vieille (Wrasse) fishing at all.  This year I really wanted to go.  And Yes !!!   I was able to go this year for 2 days Vielle fishing with my friends !

It is so~~~~~Fun !!!  Bite Bite Bite !!!   It was not easy situation.  The Fish (Vieille) was very located a few spots with specific time of tide & current.

But, once we find this formula. We had fish bite almost each cast !!!

I would love to go back one more session of this fishing during this summer !







Back from Sweden

Came back from Sweden yesterday.  Wow, Baltic sea Shallow water area Pike fishing was so cool !!!  Since water is so clear.  I see everything !!!   Pike attacking to my lure. Pike chasing my lure.   It was so cool !!!   and The Baltic sea Pike is so fat & powerful !!!   The Pike was chasing lures kind of slow. So, It was so fan to see my lure movement and Pike move !!!   It was so sport !!!

I will do this trip article at Predators magazine very soon. Please check it for more details and photos !!!

For this super trip. If someone is interested to go.  I highly recommend to contact to Sebastien & Maurice at Lunel Peche  0467714877 .



















Salon Europeen des Peche ( Nantes fishing show 2015)

Salon Europeen des Peche ( Nantes fishing show 2015) is just finished yesterday.

Thank you so much all of you who came to the show.   Many people came to see new products of Daiwa.  such as New Saltiga and New Exist. and also AGS guides rods  !!!  Specially Daiwa EXIST 2015 received “Best innovation reel” prize.

It was very nice to meet Franch Angler and talk about fishing.

Thanks all !!!  and See you next year !!!

Nantes fishing show 2015 Daiwa IMG_1589 Nantes Fishing show 2015 Nantes fishing show 2015 Mercury Nantes fishing show 2015 Navicom Daiwa Exist 2015 Salon Europeen des Peche

Last day of Guyane fishing (2014)

Last day of Guyane fishing.   Too bad….  too much wind, too much wave, too strong current.  fishing was super hard today… So, Here I show you my big fish photo of 3 days ago !!!

仏領ギアナ フィッシング旅、釣り最終日、出航して釣りをしたが、強風、大波、強すぎる海流の三拍子で、ゼロ魚。。。 なので3日前に釣ったグランデなステルス戦闘機みたいなエイちゃんの写真でお許しを。。。

Notre dernier jour de pêche en Guyane… Trop dommage, beaucoup de vent, de grosses vagues et des courants de fous. Pêche super difficile. Voici une photo d’il y a trois jours.





Mercury 275x2


Snook at Guyane

Today was so windy & big wave… so Atlantic Ocean fishing was all cancel…
So we went back to mainland. Then went to Street fishing ! Guess what !!! Snook !!!

Tackle information :

Rod > Tournament 702HFS

Reel > Exist 3012

Line > 8 blade 30 lbs

Lure > DOA

今日は残念ながら大西洋での釣りは強風&大波でキャンセル。。。断念して本土に帰って来て、予定外の市内でのオカッパリ! そして予定外の魚 スヌークがヒット! 嬉しいヒットでした!

Aujourd’hui, beaucoup de vent et de grosse vagues. Donc on annule la pêche en mer…
Pêche dans les terres en streetfishing. et devinez quoi. Les snooks….
Matériel :
Canne > Tournament 702HFS
Moulinet> Exist 3012
Tresse > 8 braid 30 lbs
Lure > DOA

Snook Guyane