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Anago DON (Conger eel)

After the Sea bass fishing at Tokyo bay, We had Anago-Don (Conger-eel) at local fishing port.  It was soooooooo  good !  I liked it so much !!!

東京湾シーバス フィッシングの帰り道に現地の漁港により名物の穴子丼!!!  初めて食べたけど、最高に美味かったーーー。そして漁港横の定食屋の雰囲気も最高ーーー。 やっぱり日本は良いねーーー。



Sea bass fishing at Tokyo bay

Sea Bass fishing in Tokyo Bay.  It was so good !  I liked very much.  Fishing in Tokyo bay is totally different than What I used to fish. To be in the nature is nice. But, I really thought city fishing can be nice as well.   even in the city there are so many quality fish.   Tokyo bay sea bass fight so strong !!!   They bite very strong on Vibration lures. But, winding speed is very importance. I learned so many thing today at Tokyo bay !!!  Seasons TV crew was also very happy for the result.

東京湾のシーバスフィッシングへ行って来ましたーーー。 良かったねーーー。 かなり気に入りましたねー。 普段、大自然界で釣りする事が多いですが、今回の大都会のすぐ横の東京湾。。。超ーーーアーバン!!! 都会の身近にこんなフィールドがあると言う現実に大興奮。 そしてかなりのクォリティーフィッシュ。

パイブレーションルアーをシーバスの好むリトリーブスピートを見つけ出すと爆釣!!! しかもかなりのファイト。 かなり楽しいー。 今回の釣りでまた色々と学んじゃいました!!!  そしてフランスTVクルーも大満足な撮影結果でしたー。

going back to TOKYO

Well, Lake Biwa fishing is over.  I could not get lake Biwa monster Bass.  But, I had some nice size Bass with Alabamarig !!! That was cool.   and I was able to see  my Japanese friends which I have not see for long time. and filing crew was also happy for the image.    So Everything is good. except I lost my voice because of yellow sand wind from china is flying for the moment in Japan….

Today we are visiting AKIHABARA (Electronic town in Tokyo)

Alabama rig at Lake biwa

Day 2 Lake Biwa !   Oh no——.  It is very difficult condition at Lake Biwa….   We had only 3 fish total today.  kazz had nice 3kg fish with light Texas lig.   I had nice fat Bass very end of the day. I was happy that  I fished this Bass with Alabama rig !!! Armed with D’Fin !!!

Lunch was Tonkatsu & Ebifurai   near the marina.


Lake Biwa Day 1 fishing.

Lake Biwa Bass fishing. Oh my god !!!  It was difficult day today. Even local guide had hard time too. But I had two OK size Bass with Alabama rig and Kazz had also two nice Bass with light Texas with Big warm!  It was cool !  It’s works !!!  Tomorrow I will fish harder !!!

Tonight, We had dinner with CEO of DEPS, Mr. Okumura, Kazz and World record holder Manabu after fishing near lake Biwa.  We had good time with Japanese food and talking about big Bass !


I just arrived in Lake BIWA !!!  Biggest lake in Japan. also known as world record Bass has been get in this lake in 2009.

I will start fishing tomorrow morning with Kazz.     Let’s see how it will be !!! Outside Temp 24c.  Should be good !!!  Wish me luck !!!

Oh, tonight was Lake Biwa fishing kick off party at OKONOMIYAKI with Kazz !


Look I eat !!!!  I used to eat Yoshinoya  beef bowl when I was kids…..

It was good memory of when I was kid…….  LONG TIME AGO……


YES !!!   I am i Japan !!!!!!     Its has been 3 years I was not here !!!   It’s going to be a Japanese food time !!!!

At Paris airport

Checking in at Paris airport. Lady from Air France

Who helped me for checking in know  about me Looking at my name from tikect

. She told me that her boyfriend is lure fisherman ! It is funny meetiwith her her !

Flying to Japan !

Yes, I’m flying to my home country Japan !!!  11.5 hours of flight.

It’s going to be a cool trip !