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Last day of Lake Siboo in Sweden. BA BAMM again !!!! That’s I am talking about !!!

Aujourd’hui était notre dernier jour de pêche à Siboo. J’ai attrapé un poisson de plus du mètre  et Xavier P. aussi.
Une super fin pour ce voyage!!! Super!!!
Demain retour au temps d’automne français… C’est pas cool…
Merci, thanks, tak le lac Siboo.
Un report complet sous peu mais pour plus d’information: Maison Guy Plas (05 55 28 37 02)

Today was our last day of fishing at Lake Siboo.   The last day. I was able to get one meter over fish. As well as Xavier.P

It was super ending of this trip !!!  So cool !!!

Tomorrow morning going back to cold weather France……    That is not cool…..

Thanks , Tack   Lake Siboo.

Fishing report up coming very soon.

Fishing information : Maison Guy Plas (05 55 28 37 02)

IMG_7338S IMG_7274S

“BA BAMM !!!”

Et oui, nous pêchons toujours très dur sur le lac de Siboo en Suède!!
De supers jolis poissons!! “BA NAMM….”!!

Oh~~~~Yes.  We are still working very hard fishing at Lake Siboo in Sweden !

Super nice fish !    “BA MAMM ~~~~~!”

IMG_7317s IMG_7162s

Daiwa D’Swim is working 100% over the world !!!


Les D’Swim Daiwa marchent par tout dans le monde!!!!!!

IMG_7260 IMG_7253

Enjoying fishing at Lake Sibbo in Sweden now !

Oh YES ! Super  Lake . “Lake Siboo”  It is super crazy lake….    I can’t believe it this lake….   So much nice Pikes.  It’s seems like they love Trout big lure.  I do not know but somehow Buster jerk is not working this week…..    We still have 4 days of fishing.  Let’s see !!!

Oh oui!!! C est un super lac… Le lac Siboo est vraiment un endroit de fou, je n arrive pas a y croire. beaucoup de très beaux brochets. Apparemment les brochets adorent les très gros leurres façon truite. Par contre les Buster ne marchent pas bien cette semaine… Il me reste 4 jours de pêche, on verra!!!!

IMG_7218 IMG_7204S

Departure to Sweden fishing trip !

Tomorrow morning is my departure to my Sweden Pike fishing trip !!! This year, the season is moving very slowly…  So,I am bit worried….

明朝、スエーデンのパイク フィッシングトリップへ出発〜。 ちょっと季節の進み具合がちょっと遅れているのがちょっと心配だが。 行って来まーす。

Sibbo for Sibbo

Good morning everyone !

Good morning everyone !


quick download…

Back in my hotel for 45 min. Download download quick quick !!!

時間が出来たので、45分間ホテルにダッシュで帰って来て、ダウンロード。 いそげーーーー。


It’s a beautiful day at Cannes today !!!

Wow wow wow, When I looked at outside from my room window  !!!!  SUN SUN SUN ~~~~~.    What is going on !   It is beautiful sunny day today at Cannes.   So, Happy to have beautiful Sun at Cannes film festival !

わぉーーーーー、朝起きてホテルの部屋のカーテン開けてこの青空!  晴れた〜〜〜〜!  昨日の大雨は何処かへ飛んで行ったようです! 素晴らしい青空。 やっぱりカンヌ国際映画際はこの青空じゃないとね〜。

Cannes sun

Cannes film festival day1

OH MY GOD……  Rain Rain Rain today at festival of film Cannes…..   I hope tomorrow will be better weather…

オーノーーー、 カンヌ国際映画祭会場に到着しましたが、大雨、嵐状態。。。 明日は天気になって欲しい〜〜〜。。。

943323_10201018593684039_645566126_n cannes hotel

Paris by night with my Japanese friends

After my dinner at home.  I joined with my Japanese friends  at paris 6th area cafe.

We haven’t seen together for very long time. So, we had good time & nice talk tonight !!! (Normal talk to Crazy talk)