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Hard fishing seine river 31st Oct 2014

Fishing at Seine river yesterday.  It was super nice weather day. But, Somehow fishing was very hard….  Most of fish was biting lure very slow & not aggressive… And also lure color was totally different from last time(Cafe au lait color water, Water temp 15c)…. What is going on ???  I think water current was bit slower than last time.  Sandre is so sensitive on current so….

But, Lucky after the lunch. We had some nice fish on 3m deep water. The lure ( Duck-Fin Shad 13cm Burning Perch color) was all way in the mouth !!!

Since Now we are in winter time hours.  Daylight is so short….  18:00 is already dark….

Sandre30:10:2014 sandre31:10:1 sandre31:10:3 sandre31:10:6 sandre31:10:4 sandre31:10:2

Freeknot Photoelectron jacket

Winter is here~~~~~. Must item for my winter fishing from Freeknot ! Keep me warm and more fish.

フランスに冬がキターーー。冬の必需アイテムFreeknotの超コンパクト光電子ダウン。 まずはこれ着て、あとは冬のビックフィッシュとの出逢いを待つ!

Freeknot1 Freeknot2

GN Carla lake Enchanet ” French National Cup 2014″ 2nd place.

GN Carla lake Enchanet competition ” French National Cup 2014″
Saturday competition 1st place. Sunday competition 6th place. Final 2 days result 2nd place.

The lake water level was 10m low than normal situation.  even during the competition water was going down  nearly 20cm par day.  Which shut down totally for Sandre fishing….  And also Pike was not biting…  So most of the team was focusing to Perch. So as our team.  Most of fish was biting in between 7 to 13m deep with reaction bite.  This weekend was totally Spinning tackle weekend.  Me and Greg was using most of time with Bay jigging rod as salt water game fishing !!! It was perfect for this weekend for Perch !

Most difficult thing was group of  perch was not stay at same spot for long time. There are constantly moving in the area. so, We are constantly using Humminbird fish finder to locate the Perch and follow the perch all the time.  The other key was the Sun light !!!

Any way, Super weekend for our team. Thank you all and Thank you my super partner Gregory Gillet !  And thank you for Organization and all of our supporters!

GN Carlaツアースペシャルステージ ” French National Cup 2014″ Enchanet湖戦 土曜日優勝。日曜日6位 スペシャルステージ総合2位でフィニッシュ。 日本人なめんなよって言う満足な結果嬉しいです。 皆さんの応援感謝しております!

Special Thanks to all our sponsor. Daiwa, Marcraft boat, Navicom, Seasons, Mercury France, Onebite Onefishe, Creation IMG, HPA and Les Dragons de Choisy.

Enchanet2 Enchanet6 Enchanet8 Enchanet9 Enchanet3 Enchanet4 Enchanet7 Enchanet1 Enchanet5

Fishing with 3 Japanese boyz !

Ba Bamm ! Fish are so active in Seine river now~~.

Today, Fishing with 3 Japanese boyz !!! They enjoyed French fishing so much with me.  That makes my so happy !

セーヌ川、 お魚さん超豊富! しかも今日は3人の日本人初心者さんと一緒。皆さん超楽しんでくれた事が最高に嬉しい一日でした!もっと沢山の人に釣りの楽しさ知って欲しいな〜。 最高だわッ!

Seine23:102 Seine23:101 seine23:103 Seine 23:10:2014

We did so bad…. GN North Brou competition 2014

Not Good Not Good……   GN North Brou competition.  We did so bad….  So sad~~~~~~~.   But, We did our best. No regret.  That’s life….  I stay home today….


2014 GN Carla North division last competition at Brou(28).

This weekend is GN Carla North division last competition of the year at Brou(28). 
If everything goes well. We will be able to go 2014 GN National Final.
So this weekend will be very important for our team. 
Please, wish me luck !  Have a good weekend everyone !

今週末はGN Carla 北リーグの最終戦。 この試合の結果次第で今年2014 のGN国内総合決勝戦への参戦資格が決定します! 頑張らないとなーーー!


No fish today…

No fish today…. Nothing to show any photo.  So, I will put my lovely Marcraft fishing boat !


Fat boy at “Les Brochets du Roy”

Invited by Les Brochets du Roy.  Fishing right next of Versaulles castle.(Needs special fishing day license)   I was there for quick half day Pike fishing for material test. 3 hours of Street fishing.  2 bites 1 fish. But, The one bite was the Fat boy !!!  Ba-Bamm !!!   Super nice fishing session with Hadrien Pellereau, Raphael Van Vinkeveen and his friends.   Thank you so much !!!

ベルサイユ宮殿の真横の池。。。 この池のを管理しているLes Brochets du Royに招待されて、丁度テストするルアーがあったので今日はサクッと半日オカッパリ。釣果は2バイト1フィッシュ。しかし、その1フィッシュがなんとFat Boy !!! なかなかのファイトでルアーテストもミッションコンプリート。 今日の釣りセッションで一緒にだった釣りキチ君達、ありがとうね〜〜。


Domaine d’Halatte, D’Fin shad save my day !!!

Fishing at Domaine d’Halatte.   Super Pike fishing lake. But, some how Pike was on vacation…..  After 3 hours of Pike fishing. I gave up Pike fishing. Then Change to  Perch fishing.  Perch was on shallow water so, I was sight fishing with light tackle. ( Daiwa Tournament 664UL + Certate 2010PEH + 8 Braid 15 lbs + D’Fin 3 inch Pearl with 3.5g jig head)

9 Perches by end of day. D’Fin shad save my day !!!

Info:  Domaine d’Halatte > 2 Voirie savaterie, 60550 Verneuil-en Halatte.  

Tel: 0621441040

Domaine d'halatte1 Domaine d'Halatte with D'fin Domaine d'Halatte2 Domaine d'Halatte sky


Spare Fuse…. Good to have in your boat

At Last competition morning. My Mercury engine was down….   I took to Mechanic today. They diagnosis & examine my engine.  The problem was only 3 fuses.  Mercury engine is so well made.   Before having big trouble.   They will stop with small problem !!!  Thanks Mercury Motors !

But, I learn somethings this time. It is good to have spare fuses in your boat. Just in case ! I highly recommended  to you also. or You can ask me !

先週末の試合朝に起きた、僕のマーキュリーエンジン トラブル。 今日アトリエに運び込み、診断してもらった結果、3つのフューズが飛んでいるだけで、メジャーブロブレムでは無かったです。大きな問題が起きる前にフィーズが飛んで問題を防いでくれる。 感謝感謝です。。。


Mercury1 Mercury2 Fuse1