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Predators magazine #57 now on sale !

Predators magazine #57 is now on sale at Kiosk.   There are my article of “High speed Bait casting reel”  and “Sri-Lanka fishing part 2”.

Please Check it out !

Predators #57 Sri-Lanka trip 2

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s party time !

Joyeux Noël tout le monde ! C’est la fête !

Christmas 2014

Soon, Christmas 2014

It is almost to Christmas 2014.  Illumination lighting  of Paris city is so Christmas !!!


soon Christomas2 soon Christomas3 soon Christomas1 soon Christmas4


Poilâne cookies

When I buy this cookie.  I can never stop……



Protecting my Cable of Transducer before accident happen !!!

Protecting my Cable of Transducer before accident happen !!!   It is so important all the cables of boat are in good condition to do perfect fishing. 

That’s why I always pre-tape all the cables with PVC electrical tape which may be damage during fishing.  And also I use large size sprit ring to pass through the transducer cable. therefore cable is mobile !
It is little things. But, It is better to do it, this kind of protection to avoid an accident !!
Cable2 Cable4 Cable1 Cable3

Sandre fishing with Carna95 Boyz !

Back to Seine river after 2 days of raining non stop.   Yes,  There was good current and muddy water is back in Seine river.

Today, Carna95 Boyz (Antoine.L and Ludovic.C) came with me for Vertical fishing.

Outside temp in the morning 0 ℃ with super heavy fog,  Afternoon max temp 4℃,Water temp 6.5℃.

Since water get muddy. Chart color shad was the good choice with 28g football jig.

We could not see Sandre’s echo in fish finder today. I think they were completely stick in bottom.   But, some how we saw so many Catfish echo at 1 to 2 m from the bottom.  It was fun to fish the Cat from the echo image with special rod work movement.

Sandre was not easy to find today.  We moved almost 6 spots.  and We manege to catch around 10 Sandres. and 1 reasonable size Cat.

It was very cold day. But, We had good time today !!!

Please have a look at Antoine.L’s blog also.

14:12:2014 Sandre:Seine Seine 14:12:2014 3 Seine 14:12:2014 2 Seine 14:12:2014 6 Seine 14:12:2014 4 Seine 14:12:2014 5 Seine 14:12:2014 1

Wind wind wind….

Wow, It was so windy yesterday. and also Seine river where I was fishing did not have much current.  So, It was very difficult me to control my boat to say in fishing point.  In fact, my bout was drifted to up stream by the strong wind….  I hate this situation.  But, Thanks to Minnkota Terrova i pilot.  I was able to mange to fish correctly !

Strangely Seine river water was clear than I thought and because of weak current.  Sandre was very very slow. and bite was very weak….   Big Sandre was totally out. Only small 40~50cm Sandre were biting.

Also, because of  water was kind of clear than general Dec situation.  Chart color shad was not working. I saw big effect with White color !!!  For the foot ball jig head, I usually like 28g at Seine river, But, I changed to 21g. It was perfect weight.

It was hard fishing. But, It was very interesting fishing.

Seine11:12:2014 4 Seine11:12:2014 1 Seine11:12:2014 3 Seine11:12:2014 2


Paris by night Dec.2014

Paris by night Dec.2014 at Madeleine.

Christomas view Paris 2014 2

Paris NAUTIC Boat show 2014 “NAVICOM”

Paris NAUTIC boat show 2014.   Visiting to say hello to Navicom stand.  all of Navicom family was busy with visiter for explaining fish finder, GPS etc….. and new products.    I personally interested in 2015 new product  HELIX 5.  It is 5 inch screen fish finder with side imaging, Down imaging and GPS with very friendly price.   It was so cute !!!

Paris ボートショー2014へサクッと。いつもお世話になっているHumminbird & Minnkotaのフランス正規ディラーのNAVICOMブースへ。 社員さん達は、来客者へ魚探、GPS、新製品などの説明で大忙し。

個人的には2015年に発売される、HumminbirdのHELIX 5が かなり気になりました。side imaging, Down imaging内蔵の魚探、GPSなど、1100シリーズとほぼスペックが一緒。5インチのスクリーンも意外に大きい。そしてなんと言っても素晴らしいのは、この値段!!!

Nautic Navicom 2014 1 Nautic Navicom 2014 3 Nautic Navicom 2014 2

getting cold this weekend…

Oh my God…. Paris is getting cold weather…  Long winter is here now….

Busy weekend this weekend.    Saturday was DVD shooting for French magazine “La Peche et les Poissons” .  It was Pike fishing with big bait lure. But, Cold weather,Blue sky, Water temp 6.5c. and Full moon.  It was super hard….  and not good.  We will film 2nd parts sometimes soon. But, I have to work hard on 2nd part….

Today, Sunday.  I try 1 hour as Street fisherman in Paris seine river.  I wanted try the action of final version of new Tatula rod.

But, again so cold….    I was there just one hour fishing. Result of fishing. one Big cat fish attack in between bank and parked ship, Then line break ….. lost lure… Me sad face….. I am going home !!! That was my Sunday story !

La peche et les poissons day1 winter Paris street fishing