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Amazon Trip 2015

Going to Brazil Amazon from today.  What will happen this years amazon ! This time we are trying one month later than normal timing . Water level should be perfect. Flying to Manaus now !

今日からブラジル アマゾンへ行って来ます! 今年のアマゾンは何が起きる? 男のロマンスタートじゃ! 今回のアマゾン旅 例年より一ヶ月ずらしてのアタック。昨年から予想した通りかなり水位は低い様だ! イイぞ〜〜〜! とりあえずマナウスへ飛びます。

IMG_2497 IMG_1943

Back from Clermont-Ferrand fishing show 2015

Back from Clermont-Ferrand fishing show 2015.  IT WAS SUPER !!!!   So many Visiter at Daiwa France booth and Center Bass pool demonstration. 

So many Visiter was looking & trying New Saltiga & Exist & TWS Zillion 9.1 .    It was just Wow~~~~ !
Thank you for all the people who came to the show.   and I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.
10930887_10205449894023778_6161185334075810174_n IMG_0716 IMG_0781 IMG_0762 IMG_0660 IMG_0766 10917420_10205446437297362_3782489867772332435_n 10474181_10205457772100725_2768258632130406587_n 15518_777594522295202_1752850361969293046_n 10171747_777211935666794_823977011251799262_n

carrefour national de la peche et des loisirs 2015

This coming weekend will be  Clermont-Ferrand fishing show 2015 in France. One of most biggest French fishing show.

Please come to see us !!!

I will be very very busy !!!

carrefour national de la peche et des loisirs 2015


2nd Galette des rois of 2015 from “LE VALENTIN”

It’s Sunday ! I am going to try my 2nd Galette des rois of 2015 from sweets shop which my friend work as Patissier in Paris 9th area “LE VALENTIN” 30 passage Jouffroy 75009. It is interesting to see the feve !

今日は日曜日。市内では共和制追悼大行進がある様ですが、自分は家でステイ。って事で、今年2つ目のガレット ド ロワを頂きます! 2つ目は友達がパティシエをしているパリ9区にある”Le Valentin” 見た目,匂いからしても伝統的な感じで魅力的!どんなフェーブが入っているかな?

Le Valentin IMG_0586

“Galette des rois” 2015 Toraya Paris version

This year, my first “Galette des rois” was from Japanese sweets shop in Paris. “Toraya”.
Toraya is one of the most famous Japanese traditional sweets shop in Japan. It was expensive but, at same time. It was very tasty ! Which shop should I go next ?

今年もこの時期がやって来ました。 ガレット デ ロワ !!! 今シーズンの一個目は、虎屋 パリ店! 従来のガレットの中に餡子が入っているアレンジタイプ。 甘さ控え目&サクサクで美味しかった。結構気に入りましたー。次は何処の店のガレットを食べてみようかなー?

Galette de rois IMG_0534


Ready to making Buck tail jigs for 2015 Peacock Bass fishing

Ready to making Buck tail jigs for Peacock bass fishing ! Special Thanks to Lionel.C for special x heavy 4/0, 18g custom hand made jig heads ! I have 32 pieces for 2 weeks to make !

ブラジル釣旅の準備の基本。Buck Tail Jig家内制作!!! 今回は友人に作ってもらったXH 4/0 18gをベースにこの二年お気に入りの白ベースにオレンジアクセントで、巻き巻きします! 32個、2週間で仕上げますッ!

Back Tail jig 2014

HPA waterproof portable phone case

HPA waterproof portable phone case.  No fear for wet !!!

HPA iphine6

New years fish…

My very first fish of the year of 2015. Fat Chub…. Why you….  


IMG_0360 IMG_0361


New years traditional japanese meal in Paris

Oh my God ~~~~~ .  I am so happy to be Japanese~~~~today.  So, Happy to chance to have Japanese traditional new years meal at Mr. Kino’s place.  It was so delicious & I could not believe. I was abel to eat this kind of meal in Paris !!!  with out Mr. Kino, It is impossible~~ !!!!  Thank you so much. Mr.Kino-san ~~~ !

今年もお正月。パリでおせち料理&雑煮とすっかり日本の様な雰囲気を楽しまして頂きました! やっぱりあの雰囲気良いよなーー。 木野さん、感謝でーす!

Japanese new years meal


Happy new year everyone !!!

Happy new year everyone !  The year 2015 is just started !!!  I was at Champs elysees for countdown for 2015.  There were so many people all over the world !!!

So, What is your new year resolution of this year ?

Newyear Paris IMG_0306 New year 2015