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Salon Europeen des Peche ( Nantes fishing show 2015)

Salon Europeen des Peche ( Nantes fishing show 2015) is just finished yesterday.

Thank you so much all of you who came to the show.   Many people came to see new products of Daiwa.  such as New Saltiga and New Exist. and also AGS guides rods  !!!  Specially Daiwa EXIST 2015 received “Best innovation reel” prize.

It was very nice to meet Franch Angler and talk about fishing.

Thanks all !!!  and See you next year !!!

Nantes fishing show 2015 Daiwa IMG_1589 Nantes Fishing show 2015 Nantes fishing show 2015 Mercury Nantes fishing show 2015 Navicom Daiwa Exist 2015 Salon Europeen des Peche

Nantes fishing show 2015 this coming weekend

 Je participerai au salon de la peche 2015 à Nantes le week-end prochain. J’attendrai votre visite sur le stand Daiwa avec beaucoup de nouveautés.
Et bien sur, si vous avez des questions au sujet de mes autres sponsors (Marcraft, Navicom, Mercury) je vous répondrai avec plaisir.
 I will be participating at Nantes fishing show 2015 this coming weekend.
I will be waiting your visit at Daiwa Stand with a lot of new products.
And Of course, If you have any question for Marcraft, Mercury, Navicom products. I am more than welcome to answer you too !
Salon Europeen des peches 2015

Amazon white beach party

Kalua Barco​ ship , Amazon white beach party at absolutely middle of nowhere ! Let’s party time~~~~.  It is magnificent !!!  everything is so nice.

Kalua号をアマゾンジャングル内の真っ白なビーチに着岸させてビーチパーティーー! ブラジル肉美味かった〜。 そしてやっぱりこのロケーション。なんて贅沢なんだ〜〜〜。 アマゾン貸し切り気分!

Kalua barco party IMG_1099

Cold France. DVD shooting for “La peche et les poissons”

Back in France from Brazil. Super cold weekend in Paris, DVD shooting for “La peche et les poissons”. But… No fish… Oh my Go~~~~~d !  Fishing is super hard…
Why filming in February…

フランスへ帰って早速、極寒の中フランスの釣り雑誌の付録DVDの撮影。しかも苦手なオカッパリでのパイク。。。 気温二度の中での釣りは激タフ。。。釣れなーーーーーい。。。  何故、こんな寒い二月に撮影するの???


Enjoy the color of Brazil

color of Brazil

Successful Amazon trip with Kalua Barco 2015

2015 Amazon trip with Kalua Barco is just finished. and I just arrived home in Paris.

We had excellent fishing this year again.  We had so much fish this year first 4 days. Most of big size fish was at inside of lagoon.  Water level was excellent until last 2 days. last 2 days we had water level rise of almost 2m.  So, Last 2 days of fishing was hard. We so extreme difference between low level and high level.

All the member of this year was so happy for the trip.  fishing & high quality mother boat and Amazon forest.

Of course, Including Seasons TV crew.

I had so much of 5 kg Peacock bass this year. My biggest fish of this year was 7kg on top water.  It was so cool !!!

I will keep up dating more photos & text day by day.

Barcelos Amazonas

Barcelos town, just before the departure to Amazon forest.


So happy to be back in Rio Negro in Brazil.

Kalua Barco 2015

On board to Kalua Barco ship.


7kg Peacock Bass on Top water action.

Amazon tackle 2015

My reels are minimum speed 7.3:1 up to 9.1:1.  Absolutely no fear !

Amazon IMG_9596

Lunch time & morning result meeting !

Peacock Bass 2015 Amazon fishing 2015 IMG_9673

My Friend Reo in the action with Nice Peacock Bass


Fishing with Seasons TV star  Franck Hiribarne.  Coming soon on Seasons TV !!!


Peacock Bass Amazon

Dark color Peacock Bass from Dark water Rio Negro.

Kalua Barco party 2015

Kalua Barco ship Amazon Beach party !!!

2015 Amazon member


Souvenir photo with all our trip member with Boat Owner Ian  !!!