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La Peche et les Poissons #839 with DVD ” Secrets de Champions Tome 2″

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Did you buy already ?

La peche et les poissonsn#839

2nd trial of Trout fishing with Team Carna95

Back to Trout fishing last Sunday morning with team Carna95.  It was cold rainy day. River water was muddy…

It was not the best condition for Trout fishing.  All hard lure was not working because of bad water condition(fast stream & bad sight). so I fished with 2.5cm very small soft lure for Mebaru fishing with 2g jig head.  The presentation of lure was very slow and try to keep contact with bottom of river.   And with super light line. (Daiwa 8 braid 0.10mm + TN FC leader 0.16mm)

with light line. It was much easier to control the lure rapid stream.

Finally, After 2nd trial. I was able to chatch one beautiful Trout !!! I was so happy to meet this trout.

I usually do not do trout fishing. But Since the Trout season is just started 3 weeks ago. It was very good occasional time to do trout fishing !

Thank you so much Team Carna 95 for this invitation!

image image image image image image



Animation Daiwa a pacific peche a tourville la riviere (departement 76)

Venez tous !! Demain deuxieme jours d’animation daiwa a pacific peche a tourville la riviere (departement 76)



Zillion TWS 9.1:1

Qui veux lancer plus de Pitching ? Qui veux lancer plus de Skipping ? Qui veux plus de fish ? Alors pourquoi pas 9.1 !!!

Zillion TWS9.1

Rendez-vous Vendredi 27 & Samedi 28 Mars 2015. Magasin Pacific Pêche Rouen-Tourville-la-Rivière.

Rendez-vous Vendredi 27 & Samedi 28 Mars 2015. Magasin Pacific Pêche Rouen-Tourville-la-Rivière. Animation Daiwa !
I will be there !!!



2015 Trout fishing with Team Carna95

Weekend Trout fishing with Team Carna95 with ultra light tackle with small lures. But, No trout for me. Why Perch… So finish fishing then hamburger lunch time !  It was vey Fun day fishing & Lunch.
Thanks Team Carna95 !!!

先週末はトラウト フィッシング解禁。季節モノって事で、今週末はウルトラライトタックル&スモールルアーも持ってTeam Carna95メンバーに招待されてパリ郊外のクリークにやって来ましたが,何故か僕にはトラウト釣れず、ここで何故って言うパーチ。。。 コンディション悪いという事で,ハンバーガーランチに移動ーーー。トラウトフィッシングも楽しかったけど、ランチも良かったな〜〜。

IMG_0048 IMG_0046 IMG_0047 IMG_0045 IMG_0055 IMG_0053 IMG_0058

magazine article. Dead line is tonight…

Oh my God~~~~~~…. Working super hard for next Predators magazine article.

It will be my visit of Nagoya “Keep Cast” show. But So many photos and text.  When Am I going to finish this article… I know dead line is tonight….

超頑張っても、次回号の雑誌原稿作成作業が終わらない〜〜〜。今回の記事内容は前回 日本で行った名古屋の”Keep Cast”ショー。写真の数が半端無い。。。そして説明のテキスト。。。

締め切りは今晩。。。 今日はランチ抜きだな。。。


Feld test 2015 collections

2015 collection final products of Daiwa France are start arriving at my home.  It is still cold weather out side. But, I was hurry to try them at private lake.

I am very happy for this year again, all the new products of Daiwa France.  I will keep inform to all of you for my personal impression  of Daiwa France 2015 collection !

still cold



DVD “SECRET DE CHAMPION 2” from LA PECHE ET LES POISSON magazine will coming out very soon.    Frederic Julian , Laurent Vrignaud , Ryusuke Hayashi will be on this DVD.   It was cold winter day fishing…. But….


Secrets de Champions 2 Secrets de Champions2

Special Bigbait lure rod “PM772XXHRBOSBF”

Finally  Daiwa France came out with Special Big bait lure rod this year 2015 !!!

” PowerMesh 772XXHRBOSBF “.   This rod is made for Big bait lure.

Rod is 7ft7inch. 2.31m (off set handle)  and casting weight of max 120g.   I would say It is no problem to cast up to 150g !!!  ( with proper casting)

It is XXH action rod.  But, It is not a stiff stick !!!  The rod has very nice curve. That is why, it is excellent big bait lure casting rod.  Rod will cast lure for you. Not your arm.  It is very important that, We can cast all day long.

With this PowerMesh 772XXHRBOSBF.  I love casting Gan Craft Jointed Claw 230 and 178. or Daiwa Grubin Shad 20cm 50g.   I can cast all day long with out fatigue.

I am sure Everyone who like casting Big bait lure will love this rod.  and It was very friendly price too !!!

Check it out at your local shop !!!