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Paris Fashion week just finished

10 days of Paris Fashion week is just finished yesterday.   It was long 10 days. But, It was such a intense 10 days.  So, I felt it was so quick 10 days.    Nice to see all new collection of top end brands of fashion !!!

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Paris Fashion Week 2015 FW

OK~~~~. Show time ~~~~~ !   10 days of Fashion.  Let’s do it !!!


Visit to Japan. Nagoya “Keep Cast” fishing show 2015

Quick 10 days visit in Japan.    It was busy busy busy there.   I was in Tokyo, 3 days in Nagoya and 2 days in Kamakura. 

In Nagoya, I was there for Nagoya fishing show “Keep Cast”.  It was very interesting show. It is not like Osaka or Yokohama show.
I will make a big report of this “Keep Cast” show at Predators magazine sometimes soon.
I was able to meet with friends who I went to Amazon trip last month.  It is alway nice to meet with good friends !!! And also, I met some new friends in Nagoya.  So happy to meet with new friends.
My sweet roots of town Kamakura.  It was only 2 days visit. but, It is nice to see Pacific ocean from kamakura beach. and see Enoden local train.  feel so good !
It was very short visit this time in Japan. but, I had very nice time there.
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