Daily Archives: 30/03/2015

2nd trial of Trout fishing with Team Carna95

Back to Trout fishing last Sunday morning with team Carna95.  It was cold rainy day. River water was muddy…

It was not the best condition for Trout fishing.  All hard lure was not working because of bad water condition(fast stream & bad sight). so I fished with 2.5cm very small soft lure for Mebaru fishing with 2g jig head.  The presentation of lure was very slow and try to keep contact with bottom of river.   And with super light line. (Daiwa 8 braid 0.10mm + TN FC leader 0.16mm)

with light line. It was much easier to control the lure rapid stream.

Finally, After 2nd trial. I was able to chatch one beautiful Trout !!! I was so happy to meet this trout.

I usually do not do trout fishing. But Since the Trout season is just started 3 weeks ago. It was very good occasional time to do trout fishing !

Thank you so much Team Carna 95 for this invitation!

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