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Wet wet wet

wet wet wet .    Rain is not good for this long weekend…



Mikwax waterproof treatment product

Are you ready for this coming weekend for opening day of 2015 ?
But, unfortunately It’s seems like this weekend is wet wet wet …
So, is your rain gear ready as cleaned & waterproof treatment ?
Here I highly recommend to you the best rain gear cleaning soap & waterproof treatment products !
“Nikwax” is the best ! Your used rain gear become almost like new !
In France. You can buy them at

この”NIKWAX” 簡単に家の洗濯機で出来てしまうレイン(ゴアなど) クリーニング剤と防水剤。 ハッキリ言った最高です。 手持ちのウェアーがほぼ購入時と同じ防水性に戻っちゃいます!!


RECIPRO from Dranckrazy x Gray Ghost

As my prediction, RECIPRO (lure for Akame) from Dranckrazy x Gray Ghost was also working so well for Euro predator fish as well ! But, I wish to have a much more aggressive color for euro monsters !

Dranckrazy x Gray Ghost のコラボレーション RECIPRO 予想的中 ユーロプレデター魚 パイクにも効果覿面。
特にフォーリング時の木の葉フォールがパイクに反応。今後 ユーロプレデター用にアグレシッブカラーが欲しいかも。


Back from Sweden

Came back from Sweden yesterday.  Wow, Baltic sea Shallow water area Pike fishing was so cool !!!  Since water is so clear.  I see everything !!!   Pike attacking to my lure. Pike chasing my lure.   It was so cool !!!   and The Baltic sea Pike is so fat & powerful !!!   The Pike was chasing lures kind of slow. So, It was so fan to see my lure movement and Pike move !!!   It was so sport !!!

I will do this trip article at Predators magazine very soon. Please check it for more details and photos !!!

For this super trip. If someone is interested to go.  I highly recommend to contact to Sebastien & Maurice at Lunel Peche  0467714877 .



















Sweden Baltic sea Pike Fishing

Enjoy the Sweden Baltic Sea shallow water Pike fishing.  Water temp 9c. Super clear brackish water. Fishing with shallow water hard lures.  It is so fin to see the Pike attac to my lure. Today, It was cold weather day. But Still We were able to find some nice Pike with Sebastien B guide service !!!  

Baltic Sea Pike fishing is super cool fishing !!!





Defi North Lake Moisson

we just finished Defi north competition at Lake Moisson.

Allmost all the team were made the limit make of 3 fish.  We also made a limit make of 3 pikes (Total weight of 6kg).

but, it was not enough weight at all….    So we end up 18th place…  We did so bad.  We were very desappoined for this result.  But, that’s life.

We will work much more for next date.

Thank you all for the support !

image image image


Ready !

Ready to go !


It’s such a fine day !

Finally ~~~~. Sun Sun Sun !!!  It was such a nice weather day for fishing !!!  I love fishing with T-Shart.    also, Appropriate weather for having  lunch on my boat !

IMG_3283 10464058_10206095737289456_1527891748634339931_n


Daiwa “Spintail Shad” 24g & 40g all most all shop stock at L’Aigle Pecheur

Back from Europeche L’Aigle Pecheur demonstration seminar.

Mission completed !!!  Daiwa “Spintail Shad” 24g & 40g. All most all shop stock are sold out !!!

Thank you so much all the Visiter !!!

地方にてのデモンストレーション セミナーから帰って来ました〜。 とりあえず、ミッション 達成〜〜〜〜。 店舗にあったDaiwa Franceの新製品Spintail Shad 在庫ほぼ完売!!!  達成感ありありです〜〜〜。





RDV a Europeche L’AIGLE PECHEUR 10 & 11 Avril 2015

Next~~~~ !!!
La porte ouverte & demonstration
RDV a Europeche L’AIGLE PECHEUR 10 & 11 Avril 2015
145 Av Emile Zola 79100 Thouars

L'aigle Pecheur 2015