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Perch fishing at Seine river

First session of Seine river fishing year 2015.  We went fishing for Perch.  Almost 6m deep, nice big Perch hit my D’fin 4 inch ( Chartreuse) with Daiwa Bullet jig head 7g. It was excellent fight !

Tackle information :    Rod > Daiwa Tournament TN642ULXSAF , Reel > Daiwa Certate 2004CH, Line > Daiwa TN 8 braid 0,12mm, Lure > D’fin 4 inch, Jighead > Daiwa Bullet jig head 7g.

Perch Seine


Sunny weekend at Lake Moisson

Yesterday, I was at lake Moisson with Yamaken & Sebasten for Pike fishing.

Water temp 18c.  Blue sky, no wind.  I thought it will be hard fishing. But, Guess what. It was Pike party. We had more than 40 attacks. 20 Pikes in the boat.

The key point was 4m flat hard bottom with light cover of weeds. If it was less or more than 4m, No weeds or heavy weeds area. No fish at all….

It was so interesting to know & fish precise information and result of fishing.

In the very end of fishing. Guess what I caught….

Yamaken was so happy to catch his first Pike in his life !









wet in National holiday day

Today was French national holiday.  So I went to quick future products test to Lake choisy.  I had good 1 hours of testing time. But, Suddenly….big rain storm came…  I was waiting more than 30 min under the three…. I was so wet…

I was not happy when I got wet. So, way back to home. I stopped by at Chaina town then. bought a Peking duck for my dinner.   It make me little bit happy ….





Weekend fishing at Versailles palace. “Les Brochets du Roy”

Weekend fishing at Versailles palace !  We went fishing at lake of Les Brochets Du Roy” fishing club !!!  Such a nice place to be !   Feel so French !!!

Fishing was very hard. I think It was too much sun for such a clear shallow water Pike fishing. But, No problem !!! We still had good time with friends and Versailles palace.

Thanks ” Les Brochets Du Roy” fishing club !

PS: If Someone is interested to going fishing this place. Please contact to Les Brochets Du Roy” fishing club !

Les Brochets du Roy1




Changing battery for Minnkota motor

After using 2 years and half. My battery for Minnkota electric motor need to be changed.  since my Minnkota electric motor is 24V. So, I need 2 of 12V battery.

I am tring to put the both heavy batteries center of boat. I am tring to miking well balanced. It is very important for navigation performance !!!

Oh, it is good idea to write down staring date of battery on the battery. So you know excactly, how old is your battery.


image image

2015 Predator fishing opening weekend

How was your 2015 Predator fishing opening weekend ? Did you have good time ?
Me, I’m so happy to catch my 1st Pike of 2015 French fishing opening weekend with my friends !!!

Rain, Muddy water, Wind, Sun, Mega weeds, Full moon… What’s else … But, no complaint. Happy to be action of fishing !!!

週末はフランス国内 2015プレデターフィッシング 解禁日。 とりあえず1匹釣れて嬉し!すごい状況だったー、雨、ドロ水、強風, 太陽、大量のウィード、満月。。。

2015 open



Boat lunch



5000 islands

Here is the view from airplane when I went to Sweden.    It is amazing to see the view of Baltic sea of Sweden.   5000 islands to go fishing. with out GPS system.  It is deadly…