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Super hard condition fishing at Lake Leman

Oh well. I just came back from Lake Leman.  Wow~~. It was hard fishing & condition.   Water temperature change almost 5c degrees from one day to other day.  Wind was very strong also.

We only were able to get very small quantity of mid size Pike. water depth of between 8 to 15m deep. Even We found many group of bait fish. Pike was not there. It was strange & It was very very hard.

Last day was specially hard. I did not have not even one bite of Pike…  We spake with local commercial fisherman. He even  told us that, They are not catching fish.   What is going on lake leman…..

But, I had excellent time with my old friends. Spending time together !!!

It was my hardest fishing of Lake leman fishing this time.  I will come back again !









Departure to Switzerland

All tackles are ready !  Departure to Switzerland for  fishing little monster !!!

I will show you my tackle selection sometimes soon !   Any way, My favorite Tatula HD 200 and Lexa 300 is coming with me !

It’s should  be fun.



working process for next week fishing !

Last 3 nights, I have been working for preparation for next week fishing.  I will go next week for Little monster in Switzerland.   It’s seems like I will fish around 15m deep. So, I am preparing 40 to 50g Jig head with wire assist hook !

Should be good !!!




Useful small box

I really like this Daiwa small two side small box for my small fishing terminal tackle such as Swivels, Split rings, Sleeves.  It is very easy to organize my tackles as very compact !



Chevalier family trying Seine river vertical Sandre fishing

Chevalier family came to visit me last weekend for Seine river vertical Sandre fishing.

Seine river level was very low & not enough strong current. So fishing was bit hard. But, We still had excellent fishing. and They caught some nice fish with Seine Sandre hard attack bite !

I usually use 28g foot ball jig head. But, Since it was very weak current. So, 21g was better to have good swimming for the shad lure.  and It’s seems like white color shad was the best of the day !










Thanks to Humminbird !

Thanks to Humminbird !   Sometimes, Life needs make it easier !

Humminbird Thanks

Battle “Street-Fishing”event at Maison de la Pêche (92).

It was excellent ambience at Battle “Street-Fishing”event at Maison de la Pêche (92). All the participants were so active young Anglers with 100% smile !!!  Fishing & Pitching contest was so fun !

Bravo everyone, Masion de la Pêche, Maxime De Clermont​ ,Sébastien Simon​ , Peche Moderne​ and all the Kids !!!

And, Thank you so much inviting me such a cool event ! ✌️

イベント終了、60人の子供達と沢山の若者達が集まり、Masion de la Peche企画の釣り大会とピッチングコンテスト。みんな楽しんでいましたね〜。 そしてゲストご招待していただいてありがとうございました〜〜!








Vertical fishing with Gregory !

Vertical fishing practice with Gregory !   Of course, Both of us using Daiwa 6ft AGS vertical rod !!!   Trying to improve our Vertical fishing skill !!!

Water temp 18c. Most of our Sandre was caught 4 to 8m deep.   UV Chartreuse didn’t work very good this time. The best color of the day was UV Pearl of Duck-Fin Shad 13cm

Info :


Duck-Fin Shad 13cm




Sandre time at Seine river ~~~~!

Ba Bamm ! Sandre time at Seine river ~~~~! The Season 2015 is officially open now !   I was waiting this moment for so long time…

いよいよ 今年もセーヌ川でこのシーズンが到来〜! この時期を待ってましたー。でも、まだ水温(17℃)、季節が安定していないので、ザンダーが散っていて、魚を探すのに手こずりますが、いる処にはいますっ!

Seine Sandre2015

Lunch at Comme des poissons

Lunch at Comme des Poissons with young Angler Yannis Pohl from Switzerland ! I know him when he was 10 years old… Now he is much bigger than me…..

We had Lun Lun Don for the lunch !  It was so good as always !!!  It was very nice to see you Swiss friend.

And Thank you so much Kino san !!!

Comme des poissons1