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Street fishing physical strength…

After very bad result of GN competition of Saint Jean de Losne last weekend. Now, Time to start preparing Street fishing physical strength for 24 hours Street fishing competition (Rotterdam), My 1st time in my life ! Wow~~~. It must be hard… I don’t know How long I can walk & fish…

先週末のGN Saint Jean de Losne戦(ボート)は最悪の結果で敗退。。。
家に帰って来て、ウカウカしてられないので、2ヶ月後にオランダで開催される24時間耐久陸っぱり釣り大会に出場するので、ちょっと訓練でも始めますか〜。。。 生まれて初めての陸釣りの試合。。。 体力持つのか? ボートからとは違うはず。。。とりあえず、オランダに行くって事で、国色のオレンジTとサングラスでモチベーションアゲアゲ!


Preparation GN Saint Jean de Losne

This coming weekend is GN North & East “Saint Jean de Losne” competition.  I have to Prepare my self for this competition !

At 1st !!!  My lovely boat wash !!!

Thank play with baby dog !!!

I still have so many things to do before this weekend competition…..

Boat washing summer 2015

parcours GN juillet 2015

with dog

Summer Seine river…

Yesterday,   I went to Seine river vertical fishing with my friends.   I have not been here for last 1 month.   It was so hard….  There was Zero current….  No wind….  my boat is staying at same place…  It was just like a lake…    River fishing with out current is not good sine at all.  Using my Minnkota electronic motor to moving .  We were able to find some fish.  Most of the active fish was very very small Sandre. My favorite 13cm Duck Fin shad was bit too big for small active fish. So I down sized my lure to 4 inch D’fin.  W also had some Cat fish actition…. We had 4 bites of Cats,  3 line break. 1 in the boat.

And Just before the lunch time,  one of my friend who came 1st time boat vertical fishing caught 80 cm super nice Sandre !  I am very happy for him !!!  (Of course, I rented my AGS vertical rod to him. and he proof the performance of the rod !)

For the lunch.  I had special Hokkaido limited Yakisoba noodle with side soup which my friend bring from Hokkaido.  But, 200g noodle was bit too much….






Crayfish party 2015

It is summer !   So, Crayfish fishing and party just like every year !   This year also more than 200 crayfish to fish & eat !!!  Try to understand Black Bass’s feeling.

It is so fun event of summer.   Of corse the chef is my friend Lionel.C  !!!  Thank you Lionel !!!







Summer weekend Bass fishing

summer time ~~~~~ !   Visiting my friend Chevalier family house.  And summer weekend Bass fishing.  Fishing & camping with friends. It is so summer ambience !   It wasn’t a easy fishing, But,  we are having excellent moment. And it will continue to tomorrow (French revolution Memorial Day ) Pike fishing !

image image image

Predators magazine #60

Predators magazine #60 now on sale !
Thank you for using me as a cover photo !

Predators マガジン #60 発売中 !

Predators magazine


Excellent movement !

Shota in Paris

Quick visit of Shota !   Fishing was hard. because of super hot weather in France (40c degrees) . But, It was fun to see him.   See you next time Shota !!!


#8/0 D’jig head

Finally, Big jig head (8/0) for big soft lure from Daiwa !!! Check this out !

D'jig head


Very bad this season….

We just finished the 2014-2015 Defi North tour. We are 17th place this year. It is a SHAME !!! I have no face to show to my friends, fans and all my sponsors. Sorry everyone.
But, I have to let you know this shame reality to never happen again like this in the future tour. I and Greg have to fish hard !!!

今期のDefi マイナーリーグの年間シーズン成績、総合17位。はっきり言ってお恥ずかしい成績です。。。調子の良い時のご報告だけは都合が良過ぎるので、事実を全てご報告します。この恥ずかしい気持ちを戒めにして、来シーズンは絶対にこのような成績にならないと決めました! がんばります!