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Les Nympheas just front of House of Monet

Nice lunch at Jean Yves’s restaurant “Les Nympheas” just front of house of Monet ! The place is super. And ice cream track of Alex !  There are crazy Fisherman. But, when they are working , they have different face !!!

thank you both of you !!! I had excellent time.   See you next time !

If someone is thinking visit house of Monet in Giverny. I highly recommend to having nice lunch at Les Nympheas and ice Cream from Alex’s track !!!



8/20 My 44th birthday.

Thank you very much, Merci beaucoup, Arigato Gozaimasu everyone. Wishing my birthday !
I appreciate so much that I had such a many super nice birthday messages yesterday.
I am very sorry, Because of such a large number of messages, I can’t reply to each person….

I will work hard, fish hard, and eat hard this year too !

I was so happy to have a Peach Melba at place where I used to visit when I was kid with my family !





Jointed Claw

Summer Heavy Rock Fishing !

Since Last year, I could not go fishing Vieille (Wrasse) fishing at all.  This year I really wanted to go.  And Yes !!!   I was able to go this year for 2 days Vielle fishing with my friends !

It is so~~~~~Fun !!!  Bite Bite Bite !!!   It was not easy situation.  The Fish (Vieille) was very located a few spots with specific time of tide & current.

But, once we find this formula. We had fish bite almost each cast !!!

I would love to go back one more session of this fishing during this summer !







East Mamma

We found the best Italian Pizza in Paris !
No reservation allowed. Have to wait at list 30 mins before the restaurant open.
But, it is splendid pizza. Also, lemon flavor Tiramisu was highly recommended!

East Mamma > 133 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, 75011 Paris. Tel > 0143413215