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Daiwa France 2016 WEB Catalog is online now !

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Back from Gunki Iron Tournament 2015

Gunki Iron Tournament 24 hours Fishing Marathon is just finish ! It was so interesting Street fishing competition. More than 80 teams 240 Anglers participate this event.
Our Team (The Dragons) result was not good at all. (52nd place)But, We fished 24 hours ! That’s the realty !!!
Greg.G & Antoine.L & me are very satisfied & enjoyed this completion. Even 3 o’clock in the dark morning walking and fishing was very crazy experience ! I almost lost my mind !!! Any way, It was excellent experience.
Thank you very much Organizer and city of Rotterdam. It was super perfect excellent job !!!
This morning, I can’t move at all, be corse of muscular pain all over my body…. That’s life of middle age Angler…
オランダ ロッテルダムで開催された24時間耐久陸っぱり釣り大会。 ヨーロッパ各国から80チーム 240人以上が参加。
24時間ノンストップ釣りっぱなし、歩きっぱなし。。。 こんなタフなイベント見た事無いってとんでも無い試合でした。
残念ながら僕達のチーム成績は悪かったのですが. 参加する事に意義があると思える達成感を感じる事が出来ました。 真っ暗な夜中の3時に意識が朦朧としながら歩いてスポットを探しキャストして釣り。。。 まぁー、普通じゃないですよ。。。 とても良い体験&思い出になりました〜〜。
試合実行委員さま、ロッテルダム市さま ありがとーございました。














GUNKI IRON Tournament 24 hours Fishing Marathon

This weekend, I am Participating GUNKI IRON Tournament 24 hours Fishing Marathon in ROTTERDAM Netherlands as Team THE DRAGONS  with Gregory Gillet  and Antoine Leggeri.

It is very interesting and hard street fishing competition.  24 hours non stop fishing !!!

I will enjoy this event !   Let’s do it !!!

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Check it out the tail shape !

Look~~~~~ ! Check it out the tail shape !  and Look at color !!!

It’s coming from Daiwa France 2016.   Lure detail information coming soon at Daiwa France web catalog 2016 !!! ( in 6 days)

Daiwa Shad


GN Carla North division, Ris-Orangis 2016 Sunday competition 9th place

GN Carla North division, Ris-Orangis Sunday competition. Thanks to 73cm Pike. We finished 9th place. Finally, we got some annual points !!! This year is very difficult for our team. But, that’s life !!!

We also tried to fish Perch. But, It was so hard to catch Keeper size Perch.  We caught 30~40 non keeper between 20~24cm Perch.  It was too bad, We could not find big size Perch….

Special thanks to Competition Organizers & CalnaDream 91. and Mega Thanks to Fabien Tournelle renting me his fishing boat !!!

GN Carla 北リーグ、Ris-Orangis戦、73cmのパイクのおかげで、なんとかTop10入りの総合9位、今季は激タフな僕たちのチーム。 何とか年間ポイントを稼ぐ事が出来ました。今後も10月の試合も頑張ります!!!

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Sept. 2015 Sandre fishing at Seine river

Summer vacation is over !
I have not been to Sandre vertical fishing almost 1 month.
Thanks to my friend Fabien.T.  He rent me his fishing boat. So, I went to Sandre vertical fishing with my friend Hiro.
Water level of Seine river was bit low than normal level. Water temperature almost 20c.

Fishing was not easy.  We have fish bite. But, only small size Sandre…  Where is Big Sandre ???
We tried different area and depth. But, some how we could not find even one big size Sandre at that day.
Also, we could not find the best lure, size, color either…   It’s seems like all of then works OK. But, we could not find the best of best….

Fishing can be very difficult. That’s why I can’t stop !!!






News !!! B.A.S.S. is arriving in France !!!

New !!!  It’s seems like B.A.S.S.  (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society) is arriving in France next year 2016.

It is very interesting news !!!   If It it happening,  It will be the 1st competition tour only with Black Bass fishing in France !

Let’s see, How does it go.



Street Pike fishing.

I don’t do so much of Street fishing. But, Why not !!!  I went to Lake Choisy for quick afternoon Street fishing for Pike.

Of course, 1 rod !  1 small size bag !!!  That’s is all !    I was mainly bringing mid size Soft shads.

Since the lake is with so much of underwater weeds.  The best set up of lure was D’swim 14cm with 10g round jig head.  So, The lure was able to swim just top of under water weeds with nice retrieve swimming speed.

The most difficult thing was the selection of the rod !!!  Only ONE rod.  This issue is very interesting things to think for basic of fishing !!!