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Vogue Japan 2016 January issue now on sale

Vogue Japan January issue now on sale !
Please check it out my Paris fashion week photos !

現在発売中のVogue Japan 1月号, パリコレ写真で携わらせて頂きましたー。

Vogue Japan 1:2016

Vogue 1:2016

Saltiga Air Potable 85 XH

During the last fishing trip of French Guyane,  I was using Daiwa Saltiga Air Portable 85 XH  3 pieces travel rod for salt water fishing.  It was my 1st time using this rod. But, It was super amazing performance rod !!!   The rod is so strong and easy to use. The rod bending curve was so beautiful just like mono rod.    I put all my weight on this rod against big tarpon.  It is no problem !!!   This rod is highly recommend rod for all of big salt water Angers.

Saltiga Air Portable

Air Portable


Okonomiyaki dinner

Tonight, Okonomiyaki (Japanese omelette) dinner at restaurant Aki(75002) with my friends Samuel and Quentin !!!   We had nice fishing talk just like alway !




Andy Warhol “UNLIMIDED” exposition

Quiet weekend in Paris.  I went to visit Andy Warhol exposition “UNLIMITED”.

His silk screen art work is alway inspire me a lot.   Color , idea, composition.  But, I rally can not understand his visual video art…..

It was nice refresh for my self today.



Andy Warhol

Arian 5

French Guyane is well known as French Space center.   We were so lucky that, last day of our stay in Cayenne.  It was the date of launching of Arian 5.

We were invited from Comité du Tourisme de la Guyane.

So we were able to seereal departure of Arian 5 Rocket from space Center. It was so cool ! It was amazing &  so emotion !  😎🚀🚀🚀👍 wow~~~~ Thank you CTG !

ギアナ釣旅最終日、偶然にもギアナ宇宙センター からリアル ロケット “Arian5″の打ち上げ見学に立ち会って来ましたーーー。 スゴイ過ぎーーー。 リアルロケットの迫力には感動ーーー! ギアナ観光局 ありがとーございましたー!




French Guyane Tarpon

2nd part of our French Guyane fishing was salt water fishing.  I usually don’t fish salt water fishing. So, It was very excited experience.  I am not use to fish with salt water heavy duty tackles but, Thanks to new Saltiga Air Portable rod.  I was able to fish with out any problem & stress.

Oh yes, Almost same height as me !!! So happy to catch this Tarpon ! 😎🌴🐟

仏領ギアナの第二部はソルトフィッシング。ほぼ自分の身長サイズのターポン! 超ーー嬉しいっ! ダイワの新作 Saltiga Air Portableトラベル竿大活躍!!!

Tackle : Saltiga Air Portable 85 XH, Saltiga 5500 Expedition, 8 braid Evo 77lbs, D-Swim 5,5″, ST66 hooks


Tarpon fight

Daiwa D-swim

2015 French Guyane Aimara trip

just finished Fresh water Aimara fishing . This year was super nice weather condition and water level. We had excellent fishing  I was able to my personal record Aimara this time !  So happy !

Now next session to Salt water game !

image image image