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Brazil Amazon Kalua & Demeni boat hotel trip 2015

well well well !!!  2 weeks of 2015 Brazil Amazin Peacock Bass fishing is just finished !  It was my 1st time staying 2 weeks of fishing. It was long~~~~. But, it is nice long !

1st week was with Kalua hotel boat then 2nd week was with Demeni hotel Boat.    I will explain both hotel boat next time for more details.

This year, December 2015. The Water level of Rio Negro (Barcelos area) was extremely low !!!  Even local Guide has not seen for more than 10 years like this. Luckily our local guides are so well experience people with well equipped boat hotel.  We were able to have excellent fishing week !  (Thank you so much our local Organizer & Guides for working so hard for us !)

I always thought, water level is lower is always better…  But, that’s is not true….  If it is too low.  We can’t navigate the boat…

that’s way, this year it was very difficult to reach & access to the fishing spot such as upper river and lagoon.  (Until this week, it was the limitte water level. But, if it will continue no rain next 10 days.  It will be very very serious problem in beginning of January…

Thanks to our super Guides, once we reach to the lagoon.  It was just like paradise !!!  I guess, since not many people could not reach to the lagoon because of low water level situation.  Most of lagoon’s fish was active.  It was so lucky for us !

All of our member of this trip was very happy of the result of fishing this year .  And my self as well.  I was very happy of my fishing result for size & quantity !!!   Also I am very happy that my friend Kazz caught his personal record fish during this trip !

As every end of year I think.  It was very successful trip for my year end fishing trip of 2015 !!!

I will show more trip photos time by time.

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