Daily Archives: 12/02/2016

Daiwa New CERTATE 2016 model

This year Diawa came up with new CERTATE spinning reel year 2016 mode.    It is the 1st time for Daiwa that, releasing the product all over the world at same time.
2016 CERTATE series has 7 models available in French market.  For me, 2510PEH will be the most necessary item for my personal fishing activity. from vertical fishing to small lure casting and fineness soft lure presentation.
Moat amazing new modification from 2013 to 2016 model is the ATD  (Automatic Tournament Drag) . The drag is ultra so smooth.  It is very advantage for fighting with fish with thin diameter of line. The effect is so magic instantaneousness !!!
2nd thing we can talk about is,  Thanks to new AIR ROTOR.  Daiwa refine the design and weight balance of rotor it’s self.  The reeling feeling is much more lighter and smooth.
Then, Last thing, We can talk about is new size. Daiwa was missing the 3500 and 4000 size in market.  But, Now,  The new 2016 Certate exist with this 3500 and 4000 size for people who fish salt water game and some other user !
Oh, Of course, All of the 2016 Certate are equipped with Magsealed Ballbearings !!!