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Trout fishing weekend

Since Trout fishing is open now.  Some my fishing friends invited to me to go Trout fishing. It is not a my speciality fishing. But, It is very good experience and good training for my Speciality lure fishing.  Observing the rapid streem river.  Where Trout like to be stay. Why there,  How to manage to reach my lure to pass, where Trout is staying.  All this things are very useful for my river Predators fishing !
Also using & casting UL tackle is very sensitive approach experiance.  This is also interesting training for my fishing. such as using ultralight fishing line with UL fishing rod !  I was using UL 6ft Solid Tip rod with Caldia 2000 with 0.16mm Silvercreek FL Fluoro carbon line.  Most of my friends are using main line as braid then 1m of fluoro leader.  But, When I see the movement of braided line which is floating on the speedy streem of creek.  Since braid line is always floating. The braid line is disturbing the way of direction of lure to the where I want to pass through my lure.  But, When I use Fluro carbon line as main line. Since Fluro carbon line is heavy than water. Line will sink then, Lure will swim much easer to swim through to the target point !
Also, Solid Tip rod will give me instant transmission fish attack even with high seed  water stream is disturbing the transmission information.




Trout fishing 2016

My 1st try of 2016 trout fishing was very hard.  I was using 6ft UL Spinning rod with Caldia 2000 with 4lbs (0.165mm) Fluoro carbon line.  It was best much for small river trout fishing.  For the lures.  I was using minnow type, Micro Crankbait, Small Spinner, and some Micro soft lures with 1.5g jig head.

Since It was Zero fish… this time. It will continue for next weekend !!!

Wish me luck !!!




Savez-vous pourquoi AGS !!!

Savez-vous pourquoi AGS !!!

Did you know why AGS !!!

Video AGS


Today’s lunch at home

Today’s lunch at home !    I am 100% satisfied !  (oh…. Sorry…  BBQ pork is from 75019 Chinatown…)


Ouverture truite 2016

Carte de pêche 2016 prêt ! bonne ouverture truite à toutes !!! 😎🎣👍

ouverture truite2016

CHANEL AW 2016 Show

It was Photographer’s war….. So hard to have good place to photograph… But, I made it !!!  😥👗📷

Chanel AW2016

Edwin Evers BASSMASTER CLASSIC 2016 Champion

Edwin Evers made BASSMASTER CLASSIC 2016 Champion with total weight of 60.7oz  14 fish.  (day1 13.12oz, day2 17.8oz, day3 29.3oz)

Bravo !!!

Champion BMC2016

Edwin Evers


Bassmaster Classic 2016 in Oklahoma

Here in Paris is still Fashion week. But, at Over sea in Oklahoma USA.  This weekend is Bassmaster Classic 2016.  55 US Pro are fighting for Champion of the year.

wow cold & dirty water this weekend Bassmaster Clasic in Oklahoma on 1st day.

But, since yesterday Day2.  Water temp are getting wormer.  For the moment until Day2,The leader is Jason Christie with 37.9 oz for 10 fish. 

KVD didn’t make a Cut in 2nd day.(Day1 3 fish, Day2 fish) So, He is not going to fish final.  

Skeet is 18th place in day2 with 2day total of 7 fish 23.5oz.  So he is going to fish final.

Be my guess, This year’s winning weight will something like 50-53 lbs. will be good guess !

It is very difficult condition this year’s Classic.
Guess who will be the winner of 2016 classic ???
Flipping or Cranking or Spinnerbait ???

Iet’ s see the Sunday night result !

Bassmaster classic2016


Paris Fashion week AW 2106

This week is Paris fashion week.   The weather is very bad in Paris but, No choice,  Heading off to Show !!!

Isabel Marant FW2016 just finished !

Isabel Marant show2016

Humminbird Helix 10 & Minnkota Terrova 80 lbs

Working process, Institution of Humminbird Helix 10 & Minnkota Terrova 80 lbs on my new boat for season 2016 fishing !  

Humminbird Helix10