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Barracuda Tour 2016 in La Rochelle (June 1st~4th)

From tomorrow, I am participating Barracuda Tour 2016 invited by Suzuki marine.  I am not a Specialist of Salt water Angler. But, Since They invited me participating this Barracuda Tour 2016 competition (Sea Bass) as Team Suzuki. I will enjoy the event !  I will be at La Rochelle from Wednesday June 1st until Sunday 4th.  Partner’s Village. If you have time. Come see us !!!

Barracuda Tour2016

Barracuda tour Suzuki

Barracuda Tour Daiwa

DEPS Slide Swimmer 250SS

The lure, Which made my dream at last Guyana Arapaima trip.

“Thank you~~”

Slide Swimmer


This year I have been using STEEZ XT series rod for my fishing activity with STEEZ reel & Zillion reel.

Last competition also, almost all my reds were STEEZ XT.   The series are very slid complete action & power with 5 rods.

I like all of them. But, My highly recommended models are STZXT701MRB for Fast moving Clanking. Then STZXT701MHFB for Clanking shad !  They are more than excellent !!!

Steez XT rods


Tournament D’Swim FAT

This is the actual lure which I used at last FFPS competition.  “Tournament D’Swim Fat“from Daiwa. It is 13cm long oval shape soft shad lure.  Last weekend. I was using this shad with 10g Rubber jig as swimming shad.  This lure gave us excellent result last weekend.

I am sure, I will use this Tournament D’Swim Fat for vertical Sandre fishing this year as well !

Check it out your self too !



FFPS lake Mézières-Ecluzelles 5/15/2016 Finished 2nd Place

Yes ! We did it !!! FFPS lake Mézières-Ecluzelles 5/15 Sunday competition. 😎🏆🐟✌🏻️
We finished 2nd place with limit make of total 6 Pike.
Thank you so much everyone and all our team sponsors (Daiwa, Bassboat Center, Suzuki Marine, Seasons, Navicom, Creation IMG, Onebite Onefishe, HPA)

FFPSリーグ Mézières-Ecluzelles湖戦 日曜日、総合2位に入賞! リミットメイク 6匹のパイク。久しぶりの表彰台は感無量!

FFPS Season2016


Arapaima fishing success !

Well well well ! My Great wild Arapaima fishing trip in Guyana is super successfully finished. I was able to catch 6 Arapaimas on 100% lure fishing.
Arapaima fishing article & photos will be exclusive at Predators Magazine. For the moment, I just show you a photo of small Arapaima.
Please check it out !

ガイアナ ジャングル アラパイマ釣旅も無事に終了! ジャングルから出て来ましたー!
今回6匹のアラパイマを100% lureで釣り上げる事が出来ました。昔からいつか釣り上げてみたかったこのアラパイマ。 感無量です!

Arapaima Ryusuke

Arapaima Hayashi