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win ! FFPS Seine competition

Yes Yes Yes ! 1st Place FFPS Seine competition with Big fish prize!!!
Thank you so much everyone. I am so happy today !!!
Thank you all my sponsor(Daiwa, Bass Boat Center, Suzuki, Seasons, Navicom, Creation IMG, Onebite Onefishe, HPA)

FFPSリーグ Seine川戦 優勝&ビックフィッシュ賞の二つを頂きました!
本当に皆さんの応援で出せた結果だとつくづく感じています! 本当にありがとうございましたー! 感謝してます!




Changing proper to Inox 21

Changing proper for best performance !  Hole shot & Top speed.

Inox 21 !!!   Oh By the way, To change the Suzuki proper.  Need  Size #27 spanner !!!






September Sandre

1 st try of Seine river fishing after summer vacation.

Unfortunately, Fishing was not easy….  water Temp 21c. low water level, not much current….   No current is giving me hard time for river fishing.
We covered so many different area to find some fish.
Until lunch time. we could not get any fish, any bite…..  Sad~~~~~~~.
Afternoon, We try to find max current area of main rive.  Then, Start having  some bite….  but, only small Sandre…
Finally able to have nice Sandre end of the day….
I was fishing Vertical fishing and casting both way depend on the situation.  I really like the ADT drag system of 2016 Certate reel. Thanks to this super  smooth Drag system. I was able to go down to 1 size smaller diameter PE line.  Excellent !!!
Tackle info:  Vertical > Tournament AGS Special Vertical TNAGS602HMHFSAF, 2016CERTATE 2510PE-H, TN 8 Braid EVO 0.16mm, Duck-Fin 13cm, Daiwa Football jig head 28g.
 Casting > TD Commander AGS TDCMAGS702MFSAF, 2016CERTATE 2510PE-H, TN 8 Braid EVO 0.16mm, Duck-Fin 9cm, TN D’jig head SS Round 2/0 10g.

Thank you !

I totally felt same emotion as this manga image this summer my self in Japan ! Thank you~~~ so much !  😎🇯🇵🎣🐟❤️✌🏻
Simmer is over. going back to Paris.
この夏は三平の気分になれました。 遊んでくれた皆さんに感謝です! 「ありがとう〜」

Thnaks Japan

“Fishing Hayashi”

Visiting Kochi local tackle shop “Fishing Hayashi”. Thank you so much 上杉 一臣 -san !
Oh by the way, my name is also Hayashi… So funny to visit tackle shop with my name… This shop has everything you need for your fishing !!!
And now on sale Red Eye T-shirt !!!

Fishing Hayashi

Last Snakehead fishing session with Yamahiro-san

Last Snakehead fishing session with Yamahiro-san and dinner~~~~~ !

session Snakehead



Dogo Onsen in Ehime.

Dogo onsen (Japanese public hot spring)
Dogo onsen has 3000 years of history. And as well as known for Miyazaki film “Le Voyage de Chihiro”. It was nice hot spring bath !!! 😎🇯🇵♨️👍🏻

Dogo onsen