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Still long off fishing season….

Oh no…..  Still long off fishing season…..  I want to go fishing !!!

Off season…

I want go to fishing…
釣り行きたーい。 禁漁時期は辛い。。。

Dinner with friends

Dinner with friends after Salon de Melon show !

It was nice talking  with friends !

Last day of fishing just before the closed season 2017

Busy day. But, I wanted go fishing before the closed season is coming. So, Quick street fishing in Paris.

The condition is not good.  Very cold, Seine river current is very minimum….

But, It is last days of fishing. So, I was enjoying my fishing, The result of fishing was as you know…..  Zero fish.

But, I discover that New PROREX AGS (PXAGS702LFS-AF) is excellent spinning rod for all around rod.  I could all most fish with all kinds of lures.

Such as Hard lure to soft lure.  Nice AGS tip of rod is very sensitive to detect soft lure presentation.  an same time. the rod is very comfortable to cast 3g to 17g lures.

I could not catch any fish. But, I still had good time !

SALON DE MELUN 2017 Ce week-end !

SALON DE MELUN Ce week-end !
Je viens Vendredi 3 & Samedi 4 sur le stand DAWA !!!  😎🎉D🎣