GN Carla lake Enchanet ” French National Cup 2014″ 2nd place.

GN Carla lake Enchanet competition ” French National Cup 2014″
Saturday competition 1st place. Sunday competition 6th place. Final 2 days result 2nd place.

The lake water level was 10m low than normal situation.  even during the competition water was going down  nearly 20cm par day.  Which shut down totally for Sandre fishing….  And also Pike was not biting…  So most of the team was focusing to Perch. So as our team.  Most of fish was biting in between 7 to 13m deep with reaction bite.  This weekend was totally Spinning tackle weekend.  Me and Greg was using most of time with Bay jigging rod as salt water game fishing !!! It was perfect for this weekend for Perch !

Most difficult thing was group of  perch was not stay at same spot for long time. There are constantly moving in the area. so, We are constantly using Humminbird fish finder to locate the Perch and follow the perch all the time.  The other key was the Sun light !!!

Any way, Super weekend for our team. Thank you all and Thank you my super partner Gregory Gillet !  And thank you for Organization and all of our supporters!

GN Carlaツアースペシャルステージ ” French National Cup 2014″ Enchanet湖戦 土曜日優勝。日曜日6位 スペシャルステージ総合2位でフィニッシュ。 日本人なめんなよって言う満足な結果嬉しいです。 皆さんの応援感謝しております!

Special Thanks to all our sponsor. Daiwa, Marcraft boat, Navicom, Seasons, Mercury France, Onebite Onefishe, Creation IMG, HPA and Les Dragons de Choisy.

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