DAIWA Headquarter office in TOKYO

I was visiting DAIWA Japan office yesterday.  I saw many of people who if friend of me.  Super Engineer of Rod & Reels.    I have not seen them for 2 years. so It was nice to see them and We had so much talk. we talked about New rods & new reels for Japan market.   There idea and power is amazing !!!

昨日はDaiwa本社へうかがって来ましたーーーー。 友人でもあるエンジニアーさん達と久々の再会、 トークがはずみました!!! 2年以上会ってなかったからなーーー。 新作やプロトのリール&ロッドを拝見して、説明してもらい。 試投もして来ちゃましたーー。  Daiwaの技術者のアイディアやパワーには圧倒されますわーーー。 良い時間が過ごせたーーー。

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  1. FAORO Bernard

    Hello Ryusuke ,
    I am one french engineer working during long time with MITCHELL. Have patented one new product which is able to check the fishing rod power and show it on a digital screen. I am looking for some partner and may be DAIWA team could be interested . Can you introduce me to one Daiwa engineer taht I could give him more details about my new concept . Thanks for your kind help.
    Best Regards.
    FAORO Bernard

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