Sept. 2015 Sandre fishing at Seine river

Summer vacation is over !
I have not been to Sandre vertical fishing almost 1 month.
Thanks to my friend Fabien.T.  He rent me his fishing boat. So, I went to Sandre vertical fishing with my friend Hiro.
Water level of Seine river was bit low than normal level. Water temperature almost 20c.

Fishing was not easy.  We have fish bite. But, only small size Sandre…  Where is Big Sandre ???
We tried different area and depth. But, some how we could not find even one big size Sandre at that day.
Also, we could not find the best lure, size, color either…   It’s seems like all of then works OK. But, we could not find the best of best….

Fishing can be very difficult. That’s why I can’t stop !!!






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