GN Carla 2015 at Lac D’Eguzon

Wow wow wow, I just came back from GN Carla Lake Eguzon 2015.

I know this lake.  But,  It was super difficult for all the team.  Water level losing almost 60cm par day….

Water temp was already 17c.  So, Bass fishing was already difficult. We mainly fished Sandre and Perch with vertical fishing technique .

We see some nice bait fish at water depth of 8 to 11m.  So, We mainly fished 9m deep. But, We only had few bit…

The result was crazy. We only had one 54.5cm Sandre, But, we finished in 6th place !   and half of participation team was zero fish….

and same situation on Sunday’s competition. we mainly fished same area as Saturday.  It was very hard. we did not see other team catching fish.

Thanks to Greg. We had one Perch of 28.5cm.    The result !   with only one Perch of 28.5cm. We finished 10th place. Lucky !!!

It was super hard. But, We were happy that, we got some general points for the season2015.

Thank you very very much all of my Supporter and Friends !!!





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