Brazil trip December 2015

December is arrived !   That’s means Peacock Bass fishing trip is here~~!

This year, We will stay 2 sessions of trip.  1st week with our usual mother boat “Kalua”. 2nd week with “Demeni” This Demeni mother boat is smaller size than Kalua. So, We can go even far and shallow water area.  It will  be a good experience to try.

Latest local information is the water level is very low. It is almost same height as my 2012 Dec. trip. Which was excellent year.  But… Last one week. somehow water level rise 1m in 1 week. So, I am bit worried but, at some time, I am very excited this year trip.

This year, I am going to bring my usual rods + some 4p travel rods. I am very excited to use TD Travel 654XH for Biruta 110 & Perversa. (jerk bait lure).

All so, 9.1 XX High speed Zillion with RCS M power knobs will be super effective for High roller (Top water) for Ripping !

Tomorrow evening departure to Manaus Brazil !!!


TD Travel rod

Zillion TWS


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  1. Have fun bro!

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