FFPS lake Mézières-Ecluzelles 5/15/2016 Finished 2nd Place

Yes ! We did it !!! FFPS lake Mézières-Ecluzelles 5/15 Sunday competition. 😎🏆🐟✌🏻️
We finished 2nd place with limit make of total 6 Pike.
Thank you so much everyone and all our team sponsors (Daiwa, Bassboat Center, Suzuki Marine, Seasons, Navicom, Creation IMG, Onebite Onefishe, HPA)

FFPSリーグ Mézières-Ecluzelles湖戦 日曜日、総合2位に入賞! リミットメイク 6匹のパイク。久しぶりの表彰台は感無量!

FFPS Season2016


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