My hit lure at Barracuda Tour 2016

Since, Most of Sea bass was located in very shallow water at Barracuda tour 2016.  I would say 80% of Sea Bass we caught was at 1m-2.5m shallow water. So, I was using very light weight jig head just like flesh water fishing !  That’s way, Fishing was not so difficult as I thought for me.  If it is 10m or 20m deep salt water fishing.  I am totally lost…

I was using Daiwa Bullet Jig Head 10g & 14g 3/0 with Daiwa D’Fin 10.2cm (Purple/Pearl) .   It was just like Black Bass or Perch fishing !

Since water was clear and fishing was hard. So, I was down sizing the Fluorocarbon leader line to 0.26mm. (Daiwa Tournament FC Leader).

0.26mm was risky for Rock area Sea bass fishing. But, I took a chance.

I really enjoyed this light game sea Bass fishing as Flesh Water Anger !


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