Season 2016 1st time out to Seine river.

Fish of the day ! 😎🐟❤️
2016 1st time out to Seine river. But, water level is still very high & river current is way too strong…   I was using Football jig 28g with Duck Fin 9cm UV Chart & UV Pearl color. But, UV Perl was much more effective this time. Since It is begging of the seasons. Sandre are eating mainly small bait fish.  It is very important to change the color of lure. If it is not having fish bite !!!
昨日のお魚 ! 今シーズン初セーヌ川でしたが、数週間前の水害影響で、まだまだ水位も高いし流れも激速。。。

Sndre 2016


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