Mahi Mahi fishing in Kochi

Japan salt water fishing ! It was so cooooool . Mahi Mahi party in Kochi.

Mahi Mahi was so active.  Topwater pencil bait & Minnow lures were so effective.

Specially very fast reeling action.
Thank you so much Mr.Uesugi, Mr.Motobayashi and Mr. Kawashima !

I had excellent day !!!

Tackle info:  Rod> Saltiga 7ft, Reel> Certate 3500HD, Line> Saltiga 12 braid 50lbs, Lure> Daiwa Saltiga Dorado Slider 140S, Rialis FangBait 140SR, Dranckrazy  Jerck bait.

Mahi Mahi Kochi




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