Prorex “PX762XHFB-AF”

I discovered this Prorex “PX762XHFB-AF” bait casting rod since release of Prorex series.

I just love it !  This rod can be use what I use most of my Pike fishing in France.  Such as Deps Huge Spinnerbait 30g, Gan Craft Jointed Claw178 56g, Daiwa Spintail Shad 40g, Biwaa Divinator 55g, etc…

This rod is not too fast and not so regular.  So, Very nice easy casting for mid heavy weight lure. and hooking is perfect !

Length of 7.6ft (2,29m) 2 pieces rod is excellent for super long cast and still does not feel so long.

I just love it !!!  Please try everyone !!!


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