Brazil Amazon other kinds fish (2016 Kalua-Barco trip)

Brazil Amazon other kinds fish  😎🇧🇷

Black Arowana >often attach during Peacock Bass fishing with Top water lure, Semi surface lure and Buck tail jig.

Cara Papagaio > This is my 1st time. I catch and see my self this fish. Strange with but, Beautiful color and form.  I caught this fish at very very shallow water(50cm deep max with my home made Buck tail jig.


Mandube cat fish >  This cat fish also, my 1st time seen & catch.  I caught this fish as very strong current shallow area with Biruta 110 white. Very big mouth !


Piranha >  Amazon gang Piranha.   Often attack during the Peacock Bass fishing with semi surface lure.  I do not like this fish. Because, This fish brake all my lures with very strong teeth…


Cachorra >   This is my 3rd time catch my self at rio negro.  scary teeth with front fangs.  looks like a Dracula.  This fish like to stay at strong current area.  I also caught this Cachorra at strong current area with Biruta 110 white.  Very fast swimmer and crazy jumper ! 









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